“Metaverse is the next chapter of the Internet”

The new name embodies the reality of Facebook that it includes Instagram, Messenger, Quest VR, and Horizon VRصة And more: “We are seen as a social media, but in our DNA we are a company that builds technology to connect people. I hope that over time we will be seen as a fickle society,” Zuckerberg explained, predicting that it will be up to a billion people a decade. Next.

It will be a place where people can interact, work and create products and content

In a new ecosystem that could create millions of jobs for creators. “We are at the beginning of the next chapter of the Internet and the next chapter of our society,” Zuckerberg added, explaining that “Facebook is one of the most used products in history. It’s a premium brand among social media but increasingly it does not include everything we do. I want to base our work and our identity on what we build in the future.”

The company name change will also be registered on Wall StreetAs of December 1, Facebook will be trading with the new index “MVRS”. The first effect of the announcement was to give wings to Zuckerberg’s shares on the stock exchange, gaining as much as 4.3%.

Changes to the company’s name are rare but there are precedents, such as Google being restructured in 2015 under the Alphabet holding company. However, the sly noted how the change is more reminiscent of that at tobacco giant Philip Morris that became Altria in 2001. The Facebook hack comes as the company grapples with what many are saying The worst crisis in its history.

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has been detected facebook papers Thousands of pages of published internal documents sparked a barrage of controversy by telling Facebook that profits were put above everything, even the safety of friends. A company that understands the problems of its platform and how its algorithm has exacerbated divisions and hatred. The discoveries that put social media back in the crosshairs of US authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, have boosted applications for one of its dishes.

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