Laver Cup 2022 – Britney-Djokovic, a screaming double! Team Europe sets the arrow and runs 8-4

Laver Cup 2022 – Britney-Djokovic, a screaming double!  Team Europe sets the arrow and runs 8-4
Perfect understanding, astral weakness. Matteo Berrettini and Novak Djokovic Day 2 closed at the O2 Arena because it was even better. The Italian-Serbian couple mounts a resistance Jack Sock and Alex de Minaur result 7-5, 6-2 in 1 hour and 21 minutes of play. The game is always under the control of the two great friends, who were shown as well as brainstorming in Italian Excellent tennis quality. In particular Mathieu, is good at keeping the level high at the baseline and on the grid. Instead, Novak played Novak, and he played and Winning two matches in the same evening. For Team World, defeat was generally within last night’s predictions: De Minaur and Sock had a great reaction at the end of the first set, but overall they couldn’t stand the firepower of the European duo.

With the score now 8-4 for the hosts, tomorrow’s final round becomes decisive. Team Europe only needs 5 points to assert itself as champion (aka two hits: on the last day, every win is worth three points), while John McEnroe’s guys need a real miracle.

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The start of the game is all in blue. Team Europe escapes 3-0 thanks to the second half of the second half. Brittany is strong in his serve and shot, while Noll is completely overflowing in response. Team World is stunned, but somehow Sock and de Minaur have put the pieces together and are back on the right track. In the ninth inning, a bit of nowhere, the counter-break goes to zero, while in the tenth inning it is a tiebreaker (5-5). After his recovery and bitterness, the hosts return to raise the level and within 48 minutes close the partial (7-5). Berrettini is very good with all the shots, Djokovic is very flexible.

In the second set, things follow a normal pattern of 2-1 for the European duo, when The weak link suddenly becomes a sock. After two good initiatives by Berrettini, Two bad forehand mistakes by America cost Team World its turn. Both Romans and Djokovic maintain their grace to some extent. Not so for opponents, with Sock, who offers the match point 5-2 to the Europeans An utterly unsuccessful attempt to smash. A second chance is approachingwith a beautiful criss-cross lob-folly pattern closed by a Perrettini. Which is the good thing: Second victory of the day for both men in blue.

Brittany closes with a backhand shot, glorifying Djokovic

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