Landslides, roof collapses, road closures due to storm front

Several counties are affected this evening by a storm front. Heavy rain and strong windsCivil Protection has activated the Inoncat plan in anticipation of the effects of the storm that swept most parts of the country on Saturday afternoon, with the exception of the central and northern coast.

The most affected areas are Alt Urgell, Solsonès, Cerdanya and Berguedà, where it is expected that – Wind speed more than 90 km/h And rain that may be stony at times. It is not unlikely that it will form in some places. crush or sleeve.

Precipitation is forecast to be very heavy in some places in the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees and up to 40 litres could accumulate in just 30 minutes.

In Val de Boi, heavy rains caused flash flooding. Mudslides and rockslides who had to cutL-500 near Castillo de TorreFor more than two hours, neighbors were left isolated from the outside world on the road, until machines and operators were able to clear the road.

For a while, vehicles were able to travel in one lane and an alternative route was provided. But after 8pm the road was closed again and Vehicles are being diverted to an alternate route. From Sarais to Pont de Suert.

Another route where you can travel by alternate route due to road flooding is: N-230 at Pont de Suert(In Alta Ribagorca).

By 9:15 p.m., firefighters responded. 89 Water and Wind Warnings.

A youth camp and two campsites were evacuated.

In Alta Ribagorca, rescue teams had to do just that. Evacuate the camp Youth center and two camps In the face of heavy rains, they also helped people who remained. Trapped in a car In Cyrus.

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Faced with heavy rainfall, emergency services opted for evacuation as a precaution. 100 minors attend camp It happened and Caldis de BoiThey were taken by taxi to the Pont de Suert Confraternity.

The campsites that had to be evacuated were Remi and Can Roig as well as the Baruera service area.

a The KarasStrong winds blew off the roofs of two industrial warehouses in the town and tore down the building’s wall.

(3 Cat / Karla Villaseca)

(3 Cat / Karla Villaseca)

The firefighters received About forty warnings for fallen trees and branches. In the caras

A tree was blown down by strong winds into the municipal swimming pools, but no personal injuries were reported.

Fallen Tree in the Pools of Caras (Cat. 3/Carla Villaseca)

a Leda The winds also damaged some trees, such as this one that fell in the garden of Santa Maria University Hospital.

Fallen tree in the garden of the University Hospital of Santa Maria de Lleida (Cat 3/ Monica Zapico)

(3 Cat / Monica Zapico)

Civil Protection requests not to travel by vehicle unless necessary, as well. Avoid parking in streams and underground points. Not submersible, activities on the banks of rivers and streams are not recommended.

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