Japan is like the USA and the Netherlands: stop selling chip technology to China

the Japan side by side Netherlands and the United States in the commercial battle against China And Banning the sale of semiconductor manufacturing tools and equipment to the Asian country. The ban will be limited to 23 different types of technological equipment and will come into effect next July, announced Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura. In addition, from now on exports to countries Not officially recognised It must be approved by the government.

And with this, Japan intends to prevent its technology from being “Converted for military useThe ban has been extended to several countries and aims to contribute toMaintenance of international peace and securityTo be sure, Beijing’s role in the chip market limiting exports to China is a decision with important consequences.

Last month – and always for the same reasons – it was the Netherlands that stopped selling equipment for the production of semiconductors. Even the European country did not explicitly mention China among the countries receiving the ban, although it implicitly considered it the main recipient. Strategies and alliances are gradually being defined in the chessboard of international relations: the first to take action was the United States of America with the ban on Huawei and other Chinese realities, which was followed, as we have seen, by the halting of trade in the Netherlands and now, , Japan.

Japan, which last year was already invited by the United States to be part of the anti-Chinese front: after all, the countries have been cooperating on this front for some time, and the new position only strengthens an already existing trade alliance. verb.

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