It’s possible to connect a Mac to a PC, and Apple explains how to do it: A simple guide

It’s possible to connect a Mac to a PC, and Apple explains how to do it: A simple guide

The Apple ecosystem and the Windows world intertwine and intersect in a streamlined guide, where everything is easy and intuitive for users.

There are those who prefer to live in one ecosystem: Apple, Windows, Google, etc. Instead – an increasingly growing population, prefers to rely on the two-way link between iOS and Android, but also Apple Windows For a series of reasons they are gradually becoming more common in this world dedicated to technology.

Mac and PC, who said they couldn’t be used together –

In fact, the thinking of many is to use both operating systems, iOS and Android, even just to get a more complete experience and get the best of each. So we have two cell phones – an iPhone and a smartphone – and now at cost, now We prefer to have a computer and an iPhoneOr vice versa: a Mac and a smartphone.

like Mac and PC have never been so closeTwo worlds intertwine and intersect because they can be connected, and Apple explains how to do it: the simple guide expands horizons and opens new technological frontiers.

Mac and PC can be connected: via Ethernet cable, search, or by entering the Windows address

It is Apple itself, often as locked into its diverse ecosystem as it is armoured, that is removing some of the boundaries that define the use of technology in a single ecosystem, namely the one shaped like a bitten apple. But from the headquarters in Cupertino, this is the opening up of PCs. How can you connect it to your Mac? In different ways, they are all valid. They can be connected using a standard Ethernet cable, or also using a USB adapter, so that the two computers create a small LAN consisting of just the two computers.

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Your MAC and PC are finally connected –

“On a Windows computer, activate file sharing – Apple explains – by ensuring that the Internet Connection Firewall option on the Windows computer is deactivated, or, if it is active, that TCP port 445 is open to allow connection sharing.” . We turn on our Mac, go to > Connect to Server, click Browse, and type the network address of the computer in the Server Address field.

Mac and PC They can also be linked via search: Go > Server connection, click Browse. Apple emphasizes that when you locate a shared computer or server, you need to double-click, then “Connect As.” To simplify future communications, Apple emphasizes “password storage in the keychain.”

Last but not least, here’s how to connect your Mac and PC By entering the address into your Windows computer: On your Mac, go to Finder > Connect to Server. Then enter the computer’s network address in the Server Address field using one of the following formats: smb://DNSname/sharename and smb://IPaddress/sharename. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your workgroup name, user name, and password, and then choose the shared folder. Again, store the password in the key ring.

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