Italy still waiting for US ambassador, ‘Spring visit not ruled out’

Not sure yet Announcement of the new US Ambassador to Rome. This time it is Italy The only large country in the European Union The White House, after a change of administration, has not yet chosen a name for it. Foreign sources say Adenchronos was interviewed “Spring attendance is not excluded”, But “everything can slip away completely”. Names? At present, US sources say there are no definite signs.

After the departure of Louis Eisenberg, appointed by Donald Trump, to seize powerEmbassy via Venito Interim Superintendent Thomas Smith distinguished himself, among others, in managing US aid to Italy during the first phase of the epidemic. Still, following the appointment of former Senator Joe Donnelly as ambassador to the Holy See last October, In Rome it is expected at the end of 2021 Called the new ambassador of the Italian Republic.

Biden has chosen women’s poker for the big European capitals

Scrolling through the list of major EU countries, some of which had to wait a long time for a name, Italy stands alone in the absence of a new Washington delegation. Per Paris, Joe Biden has chosen Denis Boyer, the former ambassador to Belgium, confirmed by the Senate last December 18th. To Berlin, Another woman elected, Amy Goodman, former president of the University of Pennsylvania, waiting for senatorial confirmation. A woman who has always represented America Madrid, With Julissa Reynoso PantaleĆ³n, who took office on January 7, after being confirmed by the Senate last October.

The rest of Europe, outside the EU, is another historic American ally still waiting for the name of the new ambassador to the United Kingdom. That too in London, At least according to press rumors, the new ambassador is a woman, Jane Hartley, a former ambassador to France during the Obama administration. Hartley and new ambassador to Rome in danger as Waiting for White House Official Announcement Assumption of the task may be postponed to 2022, A large number of presidential nominations have yet to be approved by the Senate.

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(By Marco Ligondi)

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