Iran and the United States respond to Tehran’s proposals to relaunch the nuclear plan: “There are still issues to be resolved, but the agreement is closer”

Iran and the United States respond to Tehran’s proposals to relaunch the nuclear plan: “There are still issues to be resolved, but the agreement is closer”

Iran, the United States and the European Union are working to relaunch 2015 Joint Comprehensive Nuclear Action Plan. Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tehran, Nasser KinaniHe said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran will announce its opinion in this context to the Coordinator after completing its review.” From the United States, in fact, came the answer To Tehran’s proposals on the final draft drawn up by the European Union. Which was confirmed by the US State Department: “We have now finished our examination of those comments and have sent the response back to the European Union today,” the spokeswoman said. Ned Price. The head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization stressed that “Iran has carried out its activities in the nuclear field from the beginning in accordance with the standards and regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency.” Muhammad Islami.

Vienna Convention

L ‘May 8, 2018 Donald Trump I decided to exit the agreement. The plan was signed in Vienna on July 14, 2015 from Iran and 5 + 1 groupThese are the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (the United States, China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom), in addition to Germany and the European Union. With this deal, Iran agreed to Reducing its uranium reserves Medium and low enrichment, to enrich up to 3.67 percent for the next 15 years and Do not build any new nuclear reactors to heavy water for the same period. In return, no more economic sanctions by the United States, the European Union and the United Nations Security Council.

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fertilization process

But the Trump administration decided that Re-launch economic sanctions. The goal of the US president was to persuade the Iranian regime to “stop its destabilizing activity” and Withdrawal from Syria. American decision It was not supported by other signatories to the plan. Until those days, Iran had never violated the agreement. After that, he began to issue ultimatums to the European Union to ask it to find a way around the US sanctions in another way will start again uranium enrichment process. The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed January 4, 2021 that Tehran had initiated an operation Uranium enrichment up to 20 percent. The bare minimum that would allow the construction of the so-called “dirty bomb”, a nuclear weapon that remains ineffective.

New Convergence

Only with management Biden Conversations resumed. The February 21, 2021 Iran entered temporary agreement With the authority to control, but after the February 25, 2021 air attack in Syria, I ruled out the possibility of new talks. One of the issues that further complicates the return to the negotiating table is the “credible guarantees” that Iran has demanded about the fact that The future president of the United States He is no longer leaving the agreement unilaterally as Trump did. After the April incident at the Natanz factory, for which Iran accused Israel of sabotage, it was so Announced a new fertilization of uranium up to 60 percent. The November 29, 2021 There was a new rapprochement, again in Vienna. “There are still some related issues to be resolved,” a spokesperson for Price said on August 22, but also noted that “the agreement closer“.

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