Inter, Thuram, or Arnautovic? The ideal partner for Lautaro is… Inzaghi | first page

Inter, Thuram, or Arnautovic?  The ideal partner for Lautaro is… Inzaghi |  first page

while theInter Prepares to fix the attack using The possibility of Joaquin Correa leaving In favor of returning to Nerazzurri Alexis SanchezSimone Inzaghi is focusing on the strikers he has available. Those who arrived from the market. Taking into account the The outcast Lautaro Martinezthe starting position remains and the coupling assumption begins: Lautaro Thuram or Lautaro Arnautovic? In this sense, Inzaghi’s management and survey of exchange rates can be critical.

market figures – First, let’s think market conditions With which the two players joined the Nerazzurri. swelling He moved to Inter at the beginning of July, and he arrived On a free transfer after his contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach expired. Almost zero net investment to buy the card, we should not forget that Inter The player corresponds to one of the highest signings in the team with 6 million Net salary, on par with Lautaro and behind only Calhanoglu, who earns 6.5. On the other hand, the numbers are reversed: Inter spend one A more visible figure to snatch Arnautovic from Bologna (10 million) but the salary stands at 2.7 million.

field numbers – Taking into account the the last four seasons, The numbers seem to match enough. Taking into account all competitions From 2019 to today Arnautovic he scored 45 goals in 93 matcheswhile swelling signed them 44 in 135 games. In terms of achievements, the numbers are equivalent, but it must be taken into account that from 2019 to 2021 Arnautovic He played in China for ShanghaiWhile Thuram’s targets They are all signed between the Bundesliga and Cups with Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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Game – Two profiles looking at the numbers They may look the sameBut this is for Tactical locations differ significantly. The main feature of Arnautovic is definitely physical Irrepressible, which translates to the ability to protection Balls, Dodge between the lines, but also carry the offensive load, allowing the team to advance. And they add to this Outstanding technical skills, as already evident from his debut against Monza, which featured an illuminated back heel. On the other hand, the center forward He could not boast of an outstanding physiquea peculiarity most notably last season with Bologna, in which he played Only 21 out of 38 matches in the Italian League. As for instead swellingthe technical characteristics are the same More striker on the run. His height of 192 cm allows him to do so hold his own physically With opposing defenders, but it does not make the team play its main advantage. Thuram is more than capable of elegant pace Attack depth and hit the opponent in progress. Compared to Arnautović, he ventures more easily into drip And this can be of value to my fertility. The only question mark for the French is the question mark In Italian football, a side that does not mean the Austrian.

Inzaghi management – What will be decisive In defining the perfect companion to complete the duet with Lautaro he is definitely Inzaghi management. And the coach starred in his previous seasons Wise and thoughtful management of the team, giving space to everyone in a well-planned action. This may be the power of Inter and attack management, because Thuram and Arnautovic seem to be made for the perfect exchange. With what logic? If Arnautovic’s Achilles heel in recent years It has always been fitness, In this sense, the Inzaghi administration presents itself as the best antidote. Lots of rotation. Those that Arnautovic could not capitalize on at Bologna due to the lack of alternatives, pushing his physique even further. And if it happens that the border of Thuram is his property His lack of experience in the Italian league, Inzaghi alternations also come to the rescue here. Arnautovic is already ready and He could relieve Thuram without the French having to bear all the weight From the supporting role of Otaru.

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Thuram can help Arnautovic, and Arnautovic can help Thuram. Both of them can help Lautaro by playing – and why not – too in pairs when bull will have to refuse. All this while waiting for the attack to be completed with the fourth striker.

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