Inter, Inzaghi at the press conference: “Lukaku disappointed. And Onana…”

Inter, Inzaghi at the press conference: “Lukaku disappointed. And Onana…”

The Nerazzurri coach from Malta: “There are still 23 games left, there is room for everyone in the league. The market? The club is paying attention”

From our correspondent Filippo Conticello

After 23 days of rest and silence, Simone Inzaghi made his voice heard again at the start of the second half: it’s not over yet, and Inter certainly believe in the Scudetto and they are well on their way to that goal. This is the message that Malta launched, from the Centenary Stadium in the center of the island, before directing the second training session of this mini-tour: “The league said that from Milan down there are 4-5 equal teams, while Napoli did something extraordinary and doubled that gap. Winning With the title it is a wish and a hope, there are still 23 left, there is room for everyone…”. And then, on the details of a fiery January, which will start with the big challenge against Spalletti and also lead to the Super Cup with Milan: “We are going to face a challenging January. We have seen that 10 wins in 15 games is not enough because it is a very high-paced league, it must Be prepared: at such rates, 30 points are not enough … “.


Yesterday, in a 6-1 match against Al-Jazira United Amateurs, the first friendly match awaiting Salzburg’s challenge tomorrow, the defense immediately went back into the net. And there, at a certain fragility, the return will end. Inzaghi’s recipe consists of two words: “Focus and detail: that’s what we need to correct the mistake we made. This break is a bit offbeat for everyone, it’s new for all the coaches, but the players are doing well. We hope that the injured boys can come back in the best possible shape.” Darmian and d’Ambrosio And Korea is in Benitena, and we aim to have them with us as soon as possible: we have to work to reach January 4 in the best possible way, we have to make a plan for this. Perhaps with some additions from the transfer market, even if Simone never says anything about the issue: “I am lucky enough to have a company behind me that is always interested in what happens in the transfer market”.

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After the World Cup

The rest is the World Cup, given that some Inter fans mused about the trophy and others looked back amid anger and disappointment: “Onana had a misunderstanding that paid for it, but I heard it and he’s calm. I can speak of any success at Inter: he’s a positive boy, Whether when he was on the bench or when he was playing he never had any problems.It was clear that Lukaku was disappointed, he is in the World Cup and he cares a lot about his country.But he played 45 minutes, Belgium had three chances they didn’t have in The whole match. Having chances, the striker must remain calm.”

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