Innocenziana library shelves. In the manuscripts every science from the past

Innocenziana library shelves.  In the manuscripts every science from the past

Libraries, as we know, are full of hidden treasures that can only be found. This is the case of the Innocenziana Library, which houses important and unpublished manuscripts from centuries past.

Catalog inventory on Notebooks of the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Lecceand edit it Lorella Ingrosoreveals an entirely new scenario regarding the history of the ancient seminary and its former tenants, both teachers and students.

In fact, it has a total of 121 manuscripts, covering a time period from 1605 to the 20th century. always written on different paper (plain paper, lined or square papers, tickets of different sizes), coming from different places; Some, in fact, have been placed a Lycheeothers a Naplesto Genoa oa Faenza.

The content is somewhat heterogeneous and covers various topics such as, for example, treatises on moral theology, dogmatic theology, or sermons delivered at Lecce Cathedral and in parishes MonteroniAnd equalAnd fieldsAnd BisignanoAnd Galatina And Carmiano.

There is no shortage of notes from civil law lessons or those of canon law that were taken at Naples Mgr. Gennaro’s plot In the academic year 1896-1897, then he moved to Lecce on February 14, 1902, and in 1908 he founded the weekly newspaper “command – order“, pioneer”Salento watch“.

Certainly one of the oldest manuscripts is Legalis repertoris civilis Developed in Naples in 1675 by a jurist Vincenzo Antonio Cappuccioa type of dictionary related to legal terms.

From the obvious school use of students, the existence of manuscripts related to Psychological from Aristotle And the three books This is anima Dated 1711, written in Latin and coming from Faenza, in addition to his four albums geometric figures Plane with watercolor conical shapes.

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Most intriguing, probably, is the presence of a treatise on medicine that talks about diseases related to the eyes, bones, infections, their consequences and much more.

It is certainly worth noting the existence of a manuscript Caesar’s Rivieratitled The magical world of heroes, par excellence, in Milan, by Pietro Martir Locarni1605, of which there are very few printed copies (the first edition, in fact, dates back to 1603).

Pages to study bits of local and national history that could spark a life of their own, from the hands of scholars and researchers.

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