Igono’s exit from the national team is an issue: what’s behind it

Igono’s exit from the national team is an issue: what’s behind it

Italy David Mazzanti He remained empty-handed at the European Championships He finished Sunday in Brussels, and will be back at work next Saturday at Cavalese in Val di Fiemme to prepare Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifiers. in the team list There is no Paula Iguno. In the past couple of days there have been many rumors announcing that the striker will not be part of the blue group for the upcoming match. So it was. It was not clear if it was Paola who wanted to surrender or Mazzanti who ruled her out. In his own words, the federal statement clarified the situation: “Among the teams there is Paola Egono, the blue athlete, and she confirms her adherence to the Italian shirt, and she has agreed with coach and federation president Manfredi not to participate in the tournament in Poland to take a break.”

Igono, a European protectorate with Italy

The heroine, despite her acceptance of the competition with Antropova at the beginning of the work, He didn’t like the situation which was exacerbated by low usage. In almost all of the races she took charge only for the double change and only once, when the new Italian was not available, in the starting line-up. This, most likely, preventing her from fully expressing her potential. In the semi-finals, where he took charge at a time when Italy was playing the best volleyball in their tournament, she made a huge contribution of points, unfortunately dropped as for the entire sextet, when the match for gold seemed close at hand. It was understood that the situation had deteriorated by looking at his gaze at the entrances of the gliders for third place. Then came the “whispers” of the insiders and the exclusion.

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Pre-Olympic in Lodz, 15 blue squads

Italy will face Olympic qualifiers in Lodz, Poland, from September 16-24. There are two places available to compete, and there are some high-profile competitors headed by the US Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 champion and host Poland. Not an easy commitmentBut who is in the blue possibilities to overcome. However, knowing that there will be the possibility of replays through the arrangement. 15 athletes were called up, two new advantages compared to the European Championship (Fellani and Linda Noakalor): Settlers: Alicia Oro, Francesca Bosio; Contestants: Miriam Cela, Elena Petrini, Loveth Omoroi, Alice Degrady, Francesca Villani; Opposites: Silvia Noakalor, Ekaterina Antropova; Midfielders: Marina Lupian, Ana Danisi, Federica Schwartzini, Linda Noakalor; Free: Eleonora Vercino, Beatrice Barruchial.

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