If your ex won’t disappear from your networks, he’s probably circling around you.

If your ex won’t disappear from your networks, he’s probably circling around you.

Let’s face it, our lives have become so digital that social media is taking over our relationships. Or rather, they are. The third is in disagreementIt would be extremely hypocritical to deny that you’ve never looked at someone’s last watch to gossip about what they were doing at that time, or that you’ve never changed or removed your profile picture to get someone’s attention. Have you ever uploaded a story with that person in mind?

the Digital actions and reactions by chaos or potential relationships or breakups They are our daily bread.. Instagram and Facebook… apps connect us in every aspect and what they say is the engine of the world, love, cannot be left in this world 2.0. Although the practices applied in this regard are not the most appropriate.

he Love Dictionary -Or regret- in the networks every day wider. “Shadows”, “haunting”, “sitting”… the terms are endless. But they are not new. Most of them are actions that were previously done in an analog way and are now made simpler through the mobile phone screen.

Let’s get down to business. Has your ex liked any of your photos? Are you watching your stories? Does he creep around your networks a little bit without completely disappearing? He’s making you ‘Orbit’“It’s like having your ex there. revolve around you “It leaves you with a ‘like’ here, a reaction there… so you can see that it’s there,” the love psychologist points out. Sylvia Wolf, Author of “Mándalo a la mierda” and has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram.“If you compare it to breadcumbing, it doesn’t really give you anything. With crumbs there’s always a message, to tell you something…” he adds.

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But why would your ex do this? “It’s a way No to complete separation from the otherIf you are the one who left and you did it, it is a caring touch, but if they left you, they want to keep you in their lives, they do not want you to forget them or He wants to have you on the bench.“If he sees that he wants to come back after a while,” Loeb points out.

Loeb, a breakup specialist, believes that the person receiving the “orbit” should think about themselves. “When you see your ex doing this to you, You have to stop and think and see what you feel. “If you don’t care, nothing will happen, but if it affects you, it’s better to think about what you need to be good at. If you want to block him or ask him to stop doing this,” he comments.

Love has been embodied Literally, whether you’re looking for and finding a new partner, or ending a relationship. “These kinds of behaviors drive you crazy because we’re trying to explain everything, but maybe that person got up and wanted to touch the eggs, or maybe clicking ‘like’ on something didn’t mean anything, or it did mean something… but the point is, you’re not together anymore and you have the absolute power of your networks,” says the psychologist, adding that “if you realize that your ex is looking at your stuff, it’s because you’re also waiting and it’s because something is wrong.”

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‘Orbit’: When someone who is no longer part of your life is circling your social networks. And interacting through them in small doses.

‘Disappearance’: It consists of disappearing unexpectedly and without reason. Suddenly the “ghost” does not respond to messages, voice recordings, calls… of a person with whom he was in frequent contact via dating apps or social networks.

‘zombie’: It happens when someone who has been “ghosting” you “reappears from the dead.” They are people who at first seem to have run away forever, but suddenly they talk to you again.

‘he sat’: It would be like leaving someone on the bench. It starts out very similar to “ghosting” but in “bench” the communication can be minimal: giving very simple comments, giving a “like” to the story…

‘the bread’: Or the mythical breadcrumb. This type of person only offers small doses of digital interaction on social networks: “likes” and interactions on Instagram or Facebook, but does not interact emotionally or respond to your private messages.

‘stalker’: It consists of following someone’s profiles but not interacting in any way. These types of people are happy to appear in your story view list so you know they are there.

Llop knows firsthand what the networks and interactions that occur there cause in people who are in the process of separation. He addresses it every day in his consultation and through his portal Psicoamor.I get asked about these types of actions all the time. Let’s try to find an explanation for everything.especially when we don’t understand what’s happening. “To know that things are watching you, you have to be in search mode, trying to find meaning in everything, but the truth is that the story is over and that’s it,” he says clearly. “We have to accept things and realize that the best will come.”

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In his opinion and based on his own experience, “We are used to it.” To obtain and interpret information provided to us by technology. “And that’s when you get paranoid, when you become mental cocoa.” Because it’s not just the actions in the networks, whatsapp double check blue It’s wreaking havoc on relationships. “The most important thing is to ask yourself if the pace of talking to someone feels right to you and stop spying.”

In this sense, the psychologist is clear about which practices carried out in networks after a breakup are the worst and most cruel: breadcrumbing. “I think it’s a shame. That someone keeps you there to give you the minimum, knowing that you feel something, but that person doesn’t feel it and is clear about it and just wants you to be there so that someone better can appear … It’s worse than ‘ghosting’. ” .

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