“I want to have the freedom to say enough is enough now.”

Karina has ALS, which is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. She was diagnosed three and a half years ago, and a few months later she was approved for euthanasia. She requested it and already has the authorization, so when it is decided it will be implemented.

By her side, in everything she needs, is her husband Ved. “My husband deserves everything”“, says Karina. At the same time, he realizes that he now has to ask everything from Faith, and this is very sad for him.

With the euthanasia paperwork complete, Karina can make her choice. “I want to have the freedom to say enough is enough now.” He assures that when the time comes, the person he wants to be with, Ved, will be by his side, with his daughter, which he has already decided.

Until then he explains: “There are days when you say, ‘Why do you keep doing this?’ But then I look at Ved or I look at my granddaughter and I say, ‘Come on, a little more…'”

Like Karina, last year In Catalonia, 94 people accepted euthanasiaThis is a number very similar to the number for the year 2022, according to data announced by the Ministry of Health to coincide with the third anniversary of the law’s entry into force.

Instead, what has increased slightly is the waiting time for applications to be approved. While requests in 2022 were resolved within 45 days, last year they took an average of 59 days. This is what the Right to Die with Dignity Association regrets. They demand that there not be too much delay, and that the process be more flexible.

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Fede and Carina will be together when the time comes (Cat 3)

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