Here are the models that can be purchased with ecobonus-

Car Incentives 2021. From the EV 500 to the BMW X1e: models that deserve the scrapping bonus

Ten o’clock on Tuesday, October 26 State incentives for electric carsTo get rid of an old car and buy a new one. The funds available this time amount to 100 million euros and should cover the period between now and the end of the year. This time most of the resources go to Vehicles with very low or low environmental impact, that is, those included in the ranges from 0 to 20 grams of CO2 per kilometer and from 21 to 60 grams of CO2 per kilometre. In other words, for cars Electric and plug-in hybrid The government’s choice was determined by a desire to speed up the transition from conventional cars to zero-emissions cars at the wheel.

Electric Vehicle Incentives: How is the Money Distributed

The funds were distributed, as explained by the website, as follows: 65 million euros for the purchase of vehicles with emissions between 0 and 60 g / km of CO2, and the contribution to rental purchases was also recognized. For the range that includes cars with emissions from 0 to 20 g/km of CO2, the contribution (if a car ten years old or more is cancelled) is €6000. If you buy without canceling it may drop to 4000 euros. For cars with emissions from 21 to 60 g/km of CO2 (electrical hybrids), you can get a bonus of 2,500 euros with scrap and 1,500 without. 20 million euros for the purchase of commercial and private vehicles. Of the total amount, 15 million were reserved for electric trucks only. The contribution can be up to a maximum of €8000 and varies (as stated on the MISE website) based on the total land mass – MTT and power supply. €10 million for the purchase of new conventional cars with emissions between 61 and 135 g/km of CO2. A contribution of 1,500 euros is recognized only in case of scrapping. 5 million euros to buy a certified used car from 6 euros with CO2 emissions less than 160 g/km. In this case, the incentive (in the face of scrapping) can be up to 2,000 euros (also in this case the emissions affect the amount of reward provided by the state).

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What to buy with automatic eco-rewards

With this new loan, we are trying to support the electricity market that is growing in Italy, as in the rest of Europe, in triple digits, which made the Tesla Model 3 the best-selling car in Europe last September which has prices in Italy ranging from 47,970 to 61,970 euros. The new incentives are sure to benefit the electric cars most loved by Italians: the Fiat 500e (list price from 26,500 to 38,100 euros), or the Dacia Spring (list price from 20,100 to 21,600 euros) which climbs up the national rating and was the best in September. best seller. But hybrids such as the Jeep Renegade 4xe (price 39,150 to 41,150 euros) or BMW X1 25e (49,150 to 55,160 euros) are also encouraged. 10 million for cars in the range between 61 and 135 g/km of CO2 (which are conventional low-emissions cars including full hybrids like Toyota) and light hybrids such as, among others, the Fiat Panda, 500 (from 15,950 to 19,150 euros) or Ford Puma (from 26,250 to 31,500 euros).

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