‘Giuntoli sent away by De Laurentiis,’ Criscitiello reveals background live

‘Giuntoli sent away by De Laurentiis,’ Criscitiello reveals background live

Among the architects of this Naples It is amazing in Italy and Europe, there is undoubtedly the sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli.

the man Market of the Neapolitans had the advantage of making a competitive squad this summer, despite the many illustrious farewells only a few months ago.

Specifically, a journalist Michelle Cristilloand broadcast on SportitaliaSpeaking during the evening broadcastWaiting for the transfer market“.

“A little bird tells me Giuntoli thought Napoli could win the Scudetto for three years”Criscitiello revealed. “This is because he is convinced of the quality of the team he has created, but also of the weakness of the opponents.”

Giuntoli Naples: Criscitiello live wallpaper

The same journalist also revealed another background on Giuntoli’s past in recent years under Vesuvius. This is what was highlighted in this regard:

Giuntoli was knocked out by De Laurentiis with GattusoHowever, the president wanted the manager to resign so that he would not be paid for the remainder of the contract. Giuntoli, unlike Gattuso who is an ex-footballer and can give something up, is not an ex-millionaire. Giuntoli believed in this project and restored De Laurentiis, Naples, and the Arena. But we have to say things as they are: De Laurentiis has sent him off.”.

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