Gaddafi Jr. and the hunger strike in Beirut prison –

Gaddafi Jr. and the hunger strike in Beirut prison –

It is still not clear whether this is a myth or realityGaddafi family treasurebut even if it certainly exists yet Didn’t help Hannibal Gaddafii l Buy your freedom in Lebanon. He was the fourth son (out of eight siblings), now 47 years old, of Colonel Muammar, who was horribly captured by the Libyan revolutionary militias at the gates of Sirte in October 2011, and is on hunger strike for four days in a Beirut prison. He has not eaten since Saturday in protest of his illegal detention without trial. His health is already in danger, as he suffers from stomach cramps and back pain. They locked him in a very small cell and he could not move, “he denounced in an interview with The Christian newspaperOrient Le Jour His attorney, Paul Romanos.

The story reminds us once again of the serious difficulties faced by the heirs of Gaddafi since the revolution with the help of the military intervention of France, the United States and England, which overthrew the dictatorship without being able to restore internal order in Libya. Already in August 2011, Hannibal fled to Algeria with his mother Safia, brother and two sisters. In Europe, he was accompanied by a reputation for violence, after in Rome in 2001 he beat two policemen, and three years later with bodyguards he took them out of the French: he was protected by a diplomatic passport. After arriving in Oman, he found political sanctuary with the Syrian Assad regime. But here in 2015, the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah intervened, demanding information about the disappearance of Imam Musa al-Sadr. A story in which Hannibal played no role: He was only three years old in 1978 when Sadr, the historic leader of the Lebanese Shiites and founder of the Amal militia, mysteriously disappeared in the Libyan capital. Then Gaddafi said that Sadr had boarded a plane to Rome in Tripoli. But from Lebanon they replied that he was assassinated instead due to a complicated story related to the financing of the military groups involved against Israel. However, Hannibal remained in Baalbek prison for seven days before being transferred to Beirut. Today he is trying to define his cause in the hope of liberation. But the internal chaos in Libya is not helping. Elections must be held in December: Saif al-Islam, Hannibal’s older brother, would like to run and there are many enemies.

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