Gabriela Serra, Lum Mascaray, and Martí Olivella go on hunger strike to protest the massacre in Gaza

Gabriela Serra, Lum Mascaray, and Martí Olivella go on hunger strike to protest the massacre in Gaza

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Gabriela Serra, Blame Mascaray I marty Olivella, Three anti-militarist activists with a long history of nonviolent struggle started one Family trip to Barcelona To demand an end Gaza massacre. They are seeking to pressure the Spanish government to stop selling weapons to Israel and support South Africa's complaint against Israel, after the International Court of Justice demanded the sale of weapons to Israel. Netanyahu rules Take the necessary measures to prevent genocide in Gaza. They also call on Parliament to approve in the coming weeks the proposed resolution to support South Africa's complaint.

The hunger strike is in addition to many demonstrations and actions that took place in the country in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against Israel. Sira denounced that they are tired of seeing apartheid, colonialism, occupation and killing continuing for decades, and that Israel ignores the United Nations resolutions and the Oslo Accords, claiming that Israel ignores the United Nations resolutions and the Oslo Accords. Self-defense. “Encouraged by hundreds of demonstrations demanding an end to the genocide in Palestine, we are announcing our strike so that the Spanish government can, at least, put an end to the arms trade with Israel,” she said. The former deputy of the Union and Progress Party this morning at the institution Migration studyIn the middle of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, where the events were taking place, was filled with activists, colleagues and friends in solidarity with the strikers.

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All three activists are convinced that the Spanish government It can exert more pressure to achieve a permanent ceasefire and the freedom of all persons who have been captured or captured, as a basis for a just and negotiated exit from the conflict. While reading the statement, Mascaray explained that “the food stop is an act of compassion for people who go hungry for peace every day.” He added: “We understand that our gesture is small. He cannot and does not want to force anyone. It addresses the awareness of citizens, organizations, parties, parliaments and governments, so that everyone contributes, according to their capabilities and responsibilities, to stopping wars, killing and destruction, and to stopping the cycle of fear, pain, shock, anger and violence, to create the conditions.” Suitable for a dignified life, enjoying security, respect, and recognition of the needs of belonging to various human societies.”

Activists She called on citizens to exert more pressureWith talks and fasting organized in the coming days to support the goals of the strike; Participation in organizations and demonstrations; And strongly object to military defence, while contributing money to support peace initiatives and solidarity and nonviolent resistance movements.

Beauty is wrongThe historic member of the Palestinian community in Catalonia denounced the existence of a divorce between citizens and rulers, indicating that they are behaving incorrectly. He said, “They are complicit with the State of Israel, which since its birth has represented the aircraft carrier of the powers, and are helping it practice genocide.” He also considered that the mobilization aims not only to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, but rather to define the future, because he believes that the actions of governments will ultimately lead to the formation of society. The hunger strike is supported by the Palestinian community, the Faith Authority and the Catalan Association of Jews and Palestinians – Together. The activists will live only on water and will be monitored by a medical team, marking the end of the strike when there is a health risk.

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