From October 20 to 23, the FermHamente Science Festival returns

From October 20 to 23, the FermHamente Science Festival returns

I stopped – “linksIt is the subject of the 2022 edition of definitelythe Fermo Science Festival, one of the most innovative formats in the dissemination of scientific publishing in Italy.

It is recognized as a benchmark event for the quality of the program, the originality of the organization and the enthusiastic participation of internationally renowned speakers.

Dates and method

Over 120 face-to-face activities and online workshops for schools, and over 50 activities for everyone, no reservation required. Countdown to the sixth edition of definitelyScience Festival Promoted by the Fermo Municipal Administration, in collaboration with La Pella di Mauro Labelarte, with the scientific guidance of Andrea Kabuzuca, Which will take place almost entirely this year (after 2020 online only and 2021 only partially in existence) From 20 to 23 October 2022, in Fermo in the places of the Historic Center.

The festival, which benefits from a world-famous scientific committee, is held with the support and contribution of the Marche Region, the Marche Chamber of Commerce, the Carifermo Foundation, in collaboration with the local high schools, the University of Camerino, Macerata, Urbino and the Marche Polytechnic University, and the High School of Intermediaries “San Domenico” in Fermo. The following also collaborate among others: Croce Verde Fermo, Scientific Police, Social Area XIX, Polar Museum of Fermo, Focus Junior, Idis City of Science Foundation, Prisma,, Fermo tech, Skilla, Natural Toys, TedX Fermo, Trenitalia, Scienza Express and Josway.


Also in this 2022 edition there will be many appointments, all free, scheduled, with the participation of local schools that will discuss the topic of communication, through, as always, experts of international stature, workshops, conferences, visits and exhibitions. For schools, appointments are face-to-face throughout the day on Friday and Saturday mornings, for everyone on Saturday afternoons and all day on Sundays.

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A database of contents is also available, which can also be consulted online after the festival, with videos, photos, links and other materials useful for research, study and development related to some of the festival’s themes, with exclusive contents.

Bolstered by the number of previous editions that have seen the festival grow both in terms of the number of participating speakers and in terms of the quality of the proposals and the number of attendees (with the online version for 2021 which saw around 40,000 contacts and the transcript in attendance at 10,000 in 2019), Fermhamente asserts itself as A prestigious date for being now a reference point in the Territory for the qualified contributions it puts in place in scientific publishing with distinguished guests in the Italian and international scientific field and discussions that they see the schools as an active part and key representatives in the event.

Assumptions and goals

“Curiosity is what moves those who want to know, those who want to know, those who want to understand with a critical sense. Whoever discovers or learns is amazed and marveled at the natural, scientific and cultural beauty that surrounds him.” That’s why – lyrics Mayor Paolo Calcinaro – That’s with definitely Science is within the reach of everyone, but within the reach of everyone’s knowledge. there Expedition This festival has been evident for six editions now: that is why, as a municipal administration, we organize and support, in the context of a city is the history of culture, knowledge, study and learning, which has also earned us UNESCO recognition as a city of learning.”

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“Since its inception, FermHAmente has been an ‘immersive’ event in the city of Fermo. In addition to the audience, professors and speakers, Fermo’s historic sites are the protagonists of the event, created to host labs and conferences – he said Culture Counselor Micol Lanzidi. The numerous proposals of the festival have undoubtedly confirmed the potential to arouse great interest, thanks to the quality of the speakers, authoritative names from the international scientific world and laboratories and the full participation of schools and universities, which we also thank for welcoming the speakers. An invitation to create a release again this year we can’t wait to get started so we can get involved.”

FermHAmente is considered one of the most innovative formats in the field of scientific communication and publishing in Italy, as well as being an event of reference on the national scene for the quality of the program, the originality of the organization and the enthusiastic participation of internationally renowned speakers. – explain Andrea Kabuzuca, Scientific Director of Fermhamente. The main objective of the festival is to make available to visitors, in the premises of the historical center of Fermo, scientific proposals of the highest quality, presented and explained by specialists in the sector in an informal, accurate and fascinating way. The festival is aimed at schools, individual users, groups, families, science enthusiasts and, above all, the “junior” audience, that is, that segment of the general television derivation that confronts the topic without specific preparation..


For information about festival definitely:

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