From Moscova-Garibaldi (record) to Baggio, this is how prices rise –

From Moscova-Garibaldi (record) to Baggio, this is how prices rise –

The new Tecnocasa dossier: the supply of long-term rental homes falling, workers returning on business trips, tourists and students pushing short contracts. Demand is increasing because mortgages are getting more expensive and getting more difficult

With a fee of 500 euros per month stipulated by Reinventing Cities Requires a Social Rent Today in Milan it is possible to rent only two rooms in Ponte Lambro. Gi alla Bovisasca is one of the areas affected by the project. 750 wanted in the duty freeand a supposedly used and less sensible home than a new one. Graph showing rents, updated in February, and which homes were rented based on according to the latest Tecnocasa data. These are very high numbers when compared to the income of those looking for a house to rent, and worse, it is supposed to grow because in the last few weeks the signs have been clear. First, because the supply of long-term rental homes is decreasingon condition Return of businessmen, tourists and students It leads landlords to choose new short-term or temporary lease formats, driving up rents in neighborhoods well served by metro, even if they are marginal or in areas close to the university.

From San Babila to Bisgli

950 euros per month for a two-room apartment in Bisceglie impresses over 2,100 in Piazza San Babila, given the different target audiences. Moreover, the demand is increasing because mortgages are not only more expensive, but also more difficult to obtain.. At this point, it is practically impossible to access subsidized mortgages for those under 36 because the rates that banks can offer them are higher than the maximum required by law, while standard mortgages require very high payments because home sale prices have also gone up.. In the city at exorbitant levels.

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high inflation

Also, high inflation is driving rents. Those who rent with invalid coupon cannot update the rent year by year And to make up for the future loss, he asks for more immediately while the agreed rental offer, has already disappeared at a glance. There is no point in thinking that the role played by public housing can be played by a private individual, if it is not strongly encouraged by public intervention.

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