First impressions of the LG OLED 2022 range: What the new design tells us

LG Electronics presented this week in Italy a new range of TVs for 2022. The event was an opportunity to see first-hand the new products, which introduce some interesting innovations, especially with regard to OLED models. Let’s say right away for the avoidance of doubt that the presentation was not the place to test the audio and video quality of the new products, characteristics that we will evaluate with the first samples for testing in the coming weeks. However, impressed with the new design of the products, we can still make some new considerations.

For the first time, the design changes drastically, especially for the new C2 and G2 series that abandon one of the always distinguishing features of OLED TVs, the ultra-thin panel thickness. The C2 series, in particular, has an unprecedented metallic appearance Which increases the depth by a few mm, in a style that makes the idea of ​​​​”iPhone 13″.

The new profile of the C2 series, specifically on the new 42-inch cut-out, is a very interesting model from a gaming perspective.

The interesting thing is that on the 65-inch model, in particular, the lateral thickness of the bezel decreases around the active area of ​​the front of the TV.

The C2 series profile on the 65-inch model. Note the very low lateral thickness.

The most attentive will remember that at the end of the year LG Display, supplier of LG panels, announced a new generation of OLEDs, one of the announced features, in addition to an increase in brightness by 30%, was also a decrease in the thickness of the edges. This is valuable evidence that some series of new LG OLEDs already install the latest version of the LG Display Panel.. At the moment, we remember that LG does not directly confirm or deny this aspect, limiting itself to talking about the most advanced OLED panel for its lineup of OLED Evo TVs, that is, TVs with a high-efficiency panel and a9 Gen5 AI processor, this year’s C2 and G2 series .

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The design of the exhibition series, known as G2, is also changing. Last year, the G1 series had a sloping profile that gradually increased in thickness as it moved away from the edges, while the new G2 series follows the same line as the new C2. The sharp edge, combined with the greater thickness of the cabinet, makes the new G2 more elegant than the previous series and if we want it closer to the design of the first competitor of the Korean manufacturer. Once again, the side bezels are smaller and reinforce the hypothesis that the G2 series takes advantage of the latest version of LG’s OLED panel. Remember that the G2 series is equipped with technology Brightness Enhancer Maxwhich provides up to 30% more brightness than the B2 series, thanks to the use of a heat sink paired with the OLED panel.

One of the new features available on the G2 series is the new “always listening” mode that allows you to use the TV as if it were a smart speaker, and is able to turn the screen on briefly to display quick information such as the on-demand weather forecast. The final prices of the new LG range have not been announced and will be announced during the month of April in the coming days.

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