Find out where you can buy basic products like fish and oil at consistently low prices

Find out where you can buy basic products like fish and oil at consistently low prices

Find out which supermarket has permanently reduced the prices of basic productsfreepik

price food He is always in plain sight Which is that, continuously and for many years, The price is constantly rising. Wars, that is Lack of production Water scarcity, among other things, makes food prices ever more expensive. To deal with these problems, The government has taken several temporary measures, such as eliminating value-added tax from basic prices or reducing the prices of some foods necessary for living. Today we present to you one of them Supermarkets What It reduced the price to 1,000 of its products to facilitate family consumption.

currently, There are many people and families who have had to change their eating routine With the consequences. Replace high-quality foods with foods that can become Very harmful to health If it is not consumed responsibly. In order not to be there Some supermarkets that wanted to make it easier to access food items such as fish or oil, Which has become expensive, with various offers and permanent price reductions.

Low prices of basic foodstuffs

Carrefour Come to me 1000 products with permanent price reductions. The company started the year with Discounts on 500 products of food, liquids, pharmacies, perfumes and private label baby supplies, Now add new articles in the second download like now Fresh produce and processed brands. Customers can enjoy Discounts greater than 20%.

Your shopping cart at an irresistible price

These are foods whose prices have permanently decreased

Among the fresh products can be found Bread, eggs, vegetables, fish and meat. The company too Includes olive oil, Responsive product in your shopping cart, for Making the best products accessible to everyone Families. In this second wave, food categories were expanded Rice, beans, lentils, tuna, meat, cereals or yogurt New categories are being added to cover the needs of all family members Products without Algoltensense Sugar and even pet products.

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Other discounted products from Carrefour

Carrefour also includes products from manufacturer brands and reinforces its commitment to this with this new download Its customers do not have to choose between price and quality when making purchases. In addition to this, there is a reduction in prices Other measures savings Already present as benefits of El Club Carrefour, the largest loyalty program of Spanish distributionFor thousands of products on promotion every day.

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