Fiat Panda for 10 euros: the amazing offer that excites the market | Everyone lined up to get it

Fiat Panda for 10 euros: the amazing offer that excites the market |  Everyone lined up to get it

Unbelievable but true, Fiat Panda costs less than ten cups of coffee, needless to say everyone wants it, that’s why it’s so cheap.

It’s an icon. Many have fallen in love with the Fiat Panda, since it was introduced to the market, in anticipation. Today many still decide to buy it, questions of cost and consumption. Perfect for city traffic, but also great for travel. In short, it is literally the “all-season” car and the Italians know that and reward it.

The new Fiat Panda –

And now it is possible to buy a limited number of Fiat Pandas at a truly incredible cost that is almost negligible. In practice, the purchase price is purely symbolic and many think about it, interested viewers are already in the window. But now the question is inevitable: why is it so cheap? What does not return?

Fiat Panda, that’s why it’s so cheap

We need to make a hypothesis right away. They are not new models, the exterior is not the best and they have been standing for a while now. Besides, they have already covered many kilometers. But the magic is always the same, that’s what has convinced 8 million motorists so far. It is the Fiat Pandas that served the municipality of Genoa and still has the logo written on the side and with the identification sticker number.

New models took their place, while taller models ended up at auction. An option to not pay for radiation that will make a lot of enthusiasts and collectors very happy. These are five animals from the first generation of pandas, recorded between 1998 and 2003. The starting price is 10 euros each and no, it’s not a joke.

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One of the Fiat Pandas in Genoa City up for auction – Web Photos

As mentioned they are not in absolutely perfect condition but they were service cars but for 50 euros you can buy them all. But even here, more than one clarification must be made: in order to purchase a semi-token, it is also necessary to provide the auction fee (16% of the clearing price), the value-added tax (22%) and above all the costs of transport owned, which must be incurred At least 300-350 euros per car. To these must then be added insurance, which is necessary to get back on the road.

A symbolic price, but there are other costs to account for

Nominal price yes, but there are out-of-pocket costs to be reckoned with. In the end, 5/600 euros more or less will be needed. Hopefully there will be no jokes in terms of mechanics and also in that case everything will be borne by the buyer. In short, the opportunity is tempting only for those with passion and desire to invest and fix it.

However, the municipality of Genoa also auctioned other unused cars, but newer and at a different cost. It’s a couple of Fiat Punto and Piaggio Porter also dated but not much and not offered at €10 but a little more, 100 to 300 as a rule. Returning to the old Fiat Pandas, it should be added that these are Euro 2, 3 and 4 models. But they still comply with the recent anti-smog law launched by the Municipality of Genoa banning petrol vehicles up to €1.

One of the Fiat Pandas in Genoa up for auction –

These are the squared-off versions, released in 1980, designed by Giugiaro, and stayed on the market until 2003, before giving way to the new, more modern and less well-known version of the Panda itself.

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