Fiat 500X, super offer at the end of June: pays almost half

Fiat 500X, super offer at the end of June: pays almost half

The Fiat 500X is about to say goodbye but there’s still a great offer to buy it. There are only a few days left to take advantage

In 2014, Fiat Debut 500 This car was immediately a huge success and actually represented the “muscle” version of one of the city cars loved by Italians.

Fiat 500X, sales always strong (Stellantis) –

Now the fate of the 500X seems set, and there is an idea that at the end of its production, not much will be missing, as the 600 has recently arrived among Fiat’s B-SUVs, and the new Grande will also make its debut soon. .

However, Fiat achieved great success with the 500X, which remains among the favorite models of Italians today. It is precisely for this reason that the House of Turin thought of this Special offer for June Which provides a huge discount for this model. Let’s find out all the advantages in detail.

Fiat, what an opportunity to get a 500X at a discount

the site ““, reports on the promotion news of Fiat 500X cWhich looks really comfortable. We point out in particular The version is powered by a diesel engine. The latter among diesel cars is the best-selling in Italy with 5,344 registrations in the first five months of 2024, although there was a decline compared to 6,821 last year, which confirms the crisis of this type of engine in the current market.

Fiat 500X reduced price
Fiat 500X, June presentation details (Image via Ansa) –

Focusing on the June offer, the starting price for the 500X 1.3 with 95 hp of maximum power is 25,950 euros but it will be yours with Discount of 9000 eurosThus, it decreased to 16,950 euros. The discount of three thousand euros comes from state incentives in the event that an old car is canceled between Euro 0 and Euro 2, which becomes 2000 if Euro 3 is cancelled, and 1500 if the newer Euro 4 is cancelled, in short, a good reduction on the basic price.

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To all this must be added the FIAT bonus equal to 4,500 euros, while if you decide to take out the loan, another reduction in price of 1,500 euros will be added. Financing is divided into 35 installments of €214 each. Also in the case of the 500X, the maximum final installment is expected, which is equivalent to 14,458 euros. Offer ends June 30.

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