Fiat 500L, the deal is coming: there is a really exciting offer

Fiat 500L, the deal is coming: there is a really exciting offer

This 500L is the real deal. You have an opportunity not to be repeated, and a truly record price. The offer is not to be missed.

the 500 marks It is definitely one of FIAT’s leading companies. From the first legendary car to the present day, the brand has been reinvented and revolutionized several times, which always gives the Italian company a lot of satisfaction. FIAT 500 has repeatedly made motor history in our country and abroad.

Fiat 500L (Stellantis) – the world of off-road

Among the more fortunate versions there are also 500 litres, Produced by Fiat from 2012 until last year. Despite the arrival of the new fully electric 500, this model is still very popular with enthusiasts, which indicates the great success enjoyed by this generation of the car, if the years of a long and honorable journey are not enough to represent more than just a car. . Evidence to this effect.

The big bargains, as often happens, come from the flea market. With a little luck, used models can represent once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. You can often find original jewelry at a bargain price. Precisely for this reason, before purchasing a car it is a good idea to evaluate all the options: it can represent a significant saving opportunity.

Fiat, this 500L has a competitive price

On the popular portal, which is often used for the sale of used cars and where it is often possible to find interesting opportunities, a truly unrepeatable offer has appeared. You can buy one Fiat 500L 1.3 Multijet 95 HP Long, Specifically in white, at a really competitive price.

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Fiat 500L at an attractive price
Fiat 500L (Stellantis) – the world of off-road

As mentioned, the car is actually used, but as stated in the description, it is in excellent condition. The bodywork and all mechanical components are in good condition. In short, the car is still very reliable.

The car, currently located in Pollina Truccia, in the province of Naples, is currently entrusted to an Italian car dealer.

FIAT 500L was registered in December 2015It has covered a distance of 186,241 kilometers, and the minivan is 4,147 meters long, 1,784 meters wide, 1,665 meters high, and its wheelbase is 2,612 metres. The diesel engine has a power of 95 hp and a displacement of 1248 cc. Front traction. Manual gearbox. The machine has Euro 6 emission class.

But let’s get to the real reason why this offer is really interesting: the really low price! To take this car home Only 8500 euros is enough. A negligible number really considering the list price of the cars. So all you have to do is hurry up and seize this opportunity.

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