Duplicate photos on your phone, you can get rid of them in a few steps: just do it

Duplicate photos on your phone, you can get rid of them in a few steps: just do it

Having duplicate photos on your phone means taking up a lot of memory space. Fortunately, our smartphone gallery offers a feature that allows you to solve the problem very quickly: read on to find out how.

Deleting duplicate photos is now easier: the trick you didn’t know (Pianetacellore.it)

Nowadays we use smartphones for many activities. It is no coincidence that experts often point out that users now spend very long hours in front of their phones. But what drives you to use your smartphone so much? Obviously the use of social media and applications, but also browsing the web via search engines, chatting on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms, watching videos on YouTube, all the way to the possibility of taking photos and recording videos in higher quality.

Many people try to take the best shots to show to their friends or maybe post them on their social channels to get lots of likes. Precisely because the first picture is not always the correct one, It often happens that you take several shots and then choose the best one. However, this technology faces a problem, which is the accumulation of double images (not to mention triple or quadruple images), which occupy a large amount of memory.

Use this feature to delete duplicate photos

Those who have a smartphone that does not have a very large internal memory should periodically delete unnecessary photos and videos. But there is a way to avoid this process And making sure he does all the work on the phone completely independently?

With the “Delete duplicates” function that you find in the gallery, everything is easier: just try it (Pianetaculare.it)

Not many people know that there is a hidden feature in the gallery that can do this. This is explained in detail by Biagio Gabrielli, a technology expert who has more than 475,000 followers on Instagram. On the popular social media platform, Biagio Gabriele published a video to help users and reveal how to use this excellent function.

After taking your phone, open the Gallery app and tap the menu button located at the bottom right. Once done, click on “Suggestions” and then go to the “Cleaning” section. The next step is crucial: we must click on the “Delete duplicate photos” function.

Thanks to this technology you can free up a lot of memory

This feature will also allow us to know how many double photos (and double videos) we have on our phone: since they are files They consume internal memory unnecessarily It is best to eliminate it immediately.

In fact, the pressure is on Delete duplicates Then again on Delete at the bottom right we can go and free up a lot of memory.

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