‘Don’t use PostePay at 2 AM’: The surprising reason

‘Don’t use PostePay at 2 AM’: The surprising reason

Using PostePay is common practice, precisely because a rechargeable card is useful in many situations. But at night, some misunderstanding may happen.

Not only online shopping: PostePay is really useful for many occasions. It is accepted in shops, supermarkets and in all commercial activities, it is clearly possible in Postamat Cash withdrawal In complete freedom. Of course, those who own it think they can Used around the clocklike others. Unfortunately, this is not the case. here because.


maybe because of pandemicThe online shopping I increased a lot. Or maybe it was just a file A phenomenon destined to expand. For several reasons. Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone, has full awareness and the ability to surf the Internet and make use of everything digital services. about workabout emptinessto communicate with departments.

Although recently, Many users encountered a small problem. trying to make a file Pay with note paper rechargeableThey saw each other, Reject the deal. And not by chance, but at specific times. At night. Someone got scared, think of one Fraud. Someone else may have sworn they couldn’t use the service. But what happens? Here – amazing motivation.

It is better not to use PostePay at 2 am, why

As usual, anyone with a credit/debit card can Use it without problems, 24 hours a dayEspecially if you buy online. Fortunately, the network does not have “closing times”. or it could happen Take a taxi at night And you have no gods Cash. Or again, how many young people turn around For buildings until morning?

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Well, who has these Habits And the better who – which In addition to PostePay Prepare yourself for it Other payment method. Because at night, the famous rechargeable card “does not work”. Users can try to make a transaction and receive messages like “The service is temporarily unavailable“or”We are sorry but for technical reasons the operation could not be completed “.

In fact There will be no particular problemsor current scams or the like. This is normal.” At least for Italian Post. Because in practice, Every night at 2 – for ten minutes – la program Used by the card in Update. Technical maintenance is also done Every second working day of the weekover a period of approx Between 2 and 4 at night.

And therefore There is nothing to do. Or rather something that could be: save this info e If you have to make a purchase Or a batch at those times better to bring in Other methods. Despite this “small inconvenience”, the PostePay It’s a card Much used and appreciated by many users.

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