“Does science show that there is more between heaven and earth?” Yes, says this philosopher

“Does science show that there is more between heaven and earth?”  Yes, says this philosopher

Kastrup lives in the Netherlands but was born in Brazil to a Danish father, a quantum physicist. He says that things observed in this area of ​​physics are completely contrary to our intuition. Our intuition is that things have certain absolute properties: the scale has a certain weight and remains the same, before and after the measurement. However, this is not the case with elementary particles, Kastrup says in the podcast. According to him, quantum physics also shows that particles are in contact with each other, while this cannot be explained physically.

Kastrup says that pure materialism, where everything is made of matter, is “indefensible”. He argued it, but no one dared to do so anymore, he says.

Don’t kill the end

The philosopher also deals with the phenomenon of “consciousness,” a concept that is not yet fully understood in psychology. Kastrup says Great podcast In research that shows, he says, that we are more than our brains. Man, according to him, is a “spirit” and not a substance in the brain.

Based on the work of Swiss neuroscientist Yolande Schlumpf, Kastrup talks about “dissociation”: “A trauma can split your brain in two,” he says. “A part of you has different memories than another part. It is a defense mechanism.” He says that disintegration is a natural process.

Take this to another level. “I invite you to think of nature as a great mind,” he says. “And we are separate personalities of that soul. Everything is a product of disintegration. So what is death? This is the end of separation. It is a return to the soul.” According to Kastrup, death is not the end.

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