Do you like the smell of gasoline? And now science tells you why

Do you like the smell of gasoline?  And now science tells you why

Do you also like the smell of gasoline? Perhaps you should know that there is a scientific explanation for this

There are many things that we remember and remain engraved in our minds since we were children. There are also many pleasant or unpleasant sensations that we experienced once upon a time long ago that have remained indelibly within us, making us become more experienced and more aware of the life around us. Of course, there is one sensation in particular Who has always accompanied us This is enjoyable for many, even without knowing why.

The smell of gasoline – (

In fact, most people on this earth have experienced it at least once How cute The smell of gasoline when you stop on the street to refuel. In fact, if the idea of ​​having to take a break perhaps while traveling or risking being late for work and having to stop for gas even if you do it yourself isn’t very pleasant, this inconvenience magically dissolves at the exact moment we pull into the gas station. This is the substance that attracts us so much and that our cars need to start again. So, yes, we have to admit that we are very attracted to the smell of gasoline, that smell What we don’t know is why.

The science behind the smell of gasoline

There is something so special and pungent about the smell of gasoline, that even if we don’t know exactly whether it can actually be defined as perfume or as a bad smell, and we will probably continue to ask ourselves this forever, still puts us somewhere in a position of wanting to know. Everything is hidden Behind this interest, which can be defined as nostalgia, to say the least.

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The smell of gasoline activates the brain
The smell of gasoline stimulates areas of the brain (

In fact, there will be a scientific explanation to shed light on our confusing knowledge in this regard. The answer is yes, in fact we can’t help but feel attracted to gasoline, because apparently, we can be naturally attracted by… Countless gasoline molecules Which is released into the air up to our nose.

In fact, it seems that two centuries ago some products useful for intimate and personal cleansing for men and women contained this substance. In fact, it seems that our brain and nerves could be subjected to a kind of suppression by inhaling the smell of gasoline, and both the amygdala, which manages emotions, and the hippocampus, which regulates memories, would be stimulated. But of course you have to remember Don’t overdo it with these scents Because it harms your health in the long run.

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