Do you know why raise the doors of public bathrooms? The reason is absolutely not what you think

Do you know why raise the doors of public bathrooms?  The reason is absolutely not what you think

The doors of the public restrooms are raised off the floor. There are specific reasons and especially there is a reason you wouldn’t expect

Let’s face it: It’s not anyone’s favorite place. But like it or not, this is a place we frequent out of obvious need when we’re out and about. the Public restrooms They are the cross and joy of every traveler and customer. A joy because when we all arrive breathless and with twitching muscles, they are an oasis in the desert after hours of walking. And they crossed because most of the time they are so dirty and smell so disgusting that those five minutes we spend inside make us infinite. Anyway, no matter where they are, whether it’s the airport or the mall, all are public toilets They have one common denominator – rather obvious to tell the truth.

Details on all public toilets –

One of the most beautiful and gentle, all public toilets have Bathroom doors that do not touch the floor. In fact, the doors are about 20 cm from the floor. And these details are already everywhere. But why did the doors of public toilets lift? There are several reasons for this choice, but one of them is really unexpected.

Because public toilets have doors that do not touch the floor

Heirs of the Roman Vespasian, and the evolution of the emperors’ baths and shower rooms in the early 20th century, it is clear that public toilets spread all over the world. From the Japanese with transparent walls – that darken, That’s what sans dire – When the toilet is occupied – in the Dutch street toilets that disappear.

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Often in public toilets there is an attendant at the entrance to leave a donation. Other times there are automated systems to access them. But in all public toilets we find Doors do not touch the ground. A privacy is also often exploited in American films. In fact, many of the scenes are set in the bathroom: the villain on duty checks if anyone is in from the high door space. Usually someone is there but stepped on the toilet so they can’t be found.

The doors of public toilets are raised for safety reasons –

In short, whether it’s in the movies, at the station, or at service stations, the door detail you don’t touch always comes back. But for what reason? There are many.

Safety of bathroom users

The first reason is to be able to control – And this time no movie villains are involved – if someone feels bad. If there was a normal door and the person inside had fainted or needed help, no one would have noticed for hours. With the door raised off the floor, you can easily see if the person inside the toilet has felt sick.

Cleaning and hygiene

A short door inevitably sacrifices patrons’ privacy, but it does An affordable sacrifice for cleaning. In fact, a door on the floor limits air recirculation, and water from the drain or other liquids can touch the door with the consequent creation of mold. The short door not only makes it easier for attendants to clean the toilet, but it also dries faster.

malicious control

The ability to check under the door also has an important safety function. Drug dealers or ill-intentioned people can find refuge in the bathroom, and then endanger the safety of other customers. In short, it cannot be a haven for bad guys.

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The doors are shorter in public toilets for a variety of reasons –

Safety, cleanliness and hygiene are more than good reasons to have short doors. And maybe even easily guessed. But there is also another reason that is definitely hard to guess. Namely, the bathrooms They have short doors for some time. A combination of psychology and marketing.

Short doors for the cause of time

Public baths are intended for a large audience. Just think of the number of people running in and out of the restrooms at the airport or at a roadside restaurant. Especially women know very well that going to a public bathroom is an achievement. Not only for balance, squatting and bag hanging around the neck, but also for the queue. Women’s toilets – due to the above difficulties – always have very long lines.

here they are The short doors prevent these lines from being longer. According to some studies, showing up leads to haste. People hate not having privacy so they just do the basics in the bathroom and then head out. This means that lines are shorter and people are more dedicated to their reason for being: shopping. In fact, whether it’s airport toilets – there are duty-free shops – autogrill or a shopping mall, there’s money to be spent. And those who design these places are always trying to maximize profits.

The reason why bathroom doors are so short was also recently revealed by a tiktoker who got a lot of likes with his video. Next time we go to the bathroom we will remember it, this article and for sure we will have another reason to leave the toilet immediately or if someone looks at our feet now we know why!

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