Do you consume more kettle, microwave or stove? How to boil water for less

Do you consume more kettle, microwave or stove?  How to boil water for less

Boiling water can cost more or less depending on the machine used for the process. According to UCLA physicist Tom Murphy, the most efficient way to boil water is induction hob. This is actually the only system that has not been verified by Murph, but according to various tests it will have an efficiency of 85%.

All others are more or less efficient, like a kettle or microwave, and even a conventional gas stove has very low efficiency. What is the efficiency of the main household appliances in making water boil and what are the efficiency of household appliances to spend less?

Starting with this question, we’ll analyze the three most popular methods: kettle, microwave, induction, and gas stovetops.

Boil water and reduce its consumption: How much does a kettle use?

What is the most efficient way to boil water? According to Tom Murphy, a physicist at the University of California, San Diego, the question is not so simple. In fact, the devices most often used for this purpose are in fact those that consume the most, thus reducing their energy efficiency, but not their output. To answer the question, it is good to look for a middle ground between ConsumeAnd effectiveness of the way f times.

For this reason, the first device that comes to mind is boilerIt is born with the aim of boiling water quickly. According to an arrangement drawn up by Selectra The electric kettle is Second which devices consume more at home. In fact, it consumes 1.6 kWh, at a cost of 0.73 euros per hour of use.

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However, using an electric kettle is still a more or less environmentally friendly alternative to a microwave oven and gas stove.

Boil water and reduce its consumption: how much does a microwave use?

Always starting with Murphy’s account for a file microwave oven It has 43% efficiency in bringing water to a boil. This is because a microwave oven has a fairly low cost of €0.02 for 5 minutes of use. The lower the temperature at which the water is heated, the longer the time, but also the lower the consumption.

Depending on the amount of water to be heated, it may only take 1-3 minutes for it to boil. This system certainly isn’t useful for large pasta parties, but if it’s a small amount, it greatly improves its position in the ranking of the most efficient way to boil water.

Boil water and reduce its consumption: how much does the stove consume?

The American physicist finally confirmed that Gas cooker is the way less efficient to boil water. There are examples that reduce its efficiency even further, such as boiling water without a lid or on a large stove. In fact, efficiency seems to improve when the burner is smaller, even if it lengthens and when the hood is present. In any case, the use of a gas stove is the most common method in all homes, and it is gradually being replaced induction cookers.

It goes without saying that the induction cooker is most effective to boil water. We’re still following Murphy’s calculations, even if he didn’t test it firsthand. An induction hob can be 85% efficient, compared to just 15% for a gas hob.

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