Discover Barcelona’s medieval gateway on La Rambla

Discover Barcelona’s medieval gateway on La Rambla

since they started Ramblas restoration works Many of them have been found. Archaeological remains From the medieval wall, but even now None of the entry gates were ever located.Now excavations have revealed one. The Department of Antiquities is working to document it and it appears to be… The Trencaclaus or dels Ollers Gate, located on Carrer dels Escudellers, which crosses the Plaça del Teatre.

Another section of the north end wall was discovered.

Apart from this portal, it has also been discovered that Another section of the wall at the northern end of La Rambla.Next to Plaza Catalunya. In this case, according to the city council, the wall is barely visible, but it is still Maintains a height of up to three meters.Last of the results is Maravides (medieval coins) daisy the secondCorresponding to the nineteenth century.

A wall that protected the city between the 13th and 14th centuries.

the Barcelona Fortification The year has begun 1285By order of Peter II the GreatDuring the war with France. After the conflict, the Council of Hundred continued this task and new defensive gates were added, such as the New Gate. Those at Boqueria, Portaferrissa or Jonqueres already existed. Within this perimeter – which included spaces such as Plaça de Catalunya, Passeig de Sant Joan or Parc de la Ciutadella – was the Rambla. In 1357, the Council of Hundred decided to improve the walls and reinforce the perimeter of Ciutat Vella.

The Council claims that these results They provide valuable information about the history of Barcelona..

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