“Democracy is linked to the values ​​of the individual, brotherhood and the integrated environment” – Flama Agency

“Democracy is linked to the values ​​of the individual, brotherhood and the integrated environment” – Flama Agency

The Pope’s Quick Trip to Trieste In the middle of his “vacations” to conclude the 50th Social Week of Italian Catholics, Francis arrived in the Julian capital a little ahead of schedule and was received by Cardinal Zuppi. “Catholics in Italy do not want to be like that lobby“They will never become partisan, because the only side they defend is the personal side,” the cardinal, one of Bergoglio’s trusted men, noted in his presentation.

Democracy and its heart were the focus of action during this social week, and this is what Francis wanted to demand in his speech to the participants in the event. “Stay where you are Democracy Craftsmen “And contagious testimonies of participation,” the Pope concluded after listening to speakers who claimed All brothers Also as a roadmap for “Christian” political participation.

After reviewing the “weeks” and their connection to Italian history, Francis called for “a Church sensitive to changes in society and committed to contributing to the common good.” Recalling the founder of these meetings, Blessed Giuseppe Toniolo, the Pope warned that “Democracy is not in good health In today’s world. This concerns us and worries us, because the good of man is at stake, and nothing human can be alien to us.”

The Pope stressed that “just as the crisis of democracy Reviewing various facts and nationsLikewise, the attitude of responsibility towards social transformations is a call addressed to all Christians, wherever they live and work in the world.

Pope Francis arrives to deliver the speech “At the Heart of Democracy”, Trieste 2024 I @Vatican Media

A mission based on the heart. Based on this image, Francesc proposed two ideas. “In the first, we can Imagine the crisis of democracy as a broken heart.Pointing out that “what limits participation is right before our eyes.”

“And Corruption and illegality Showing a “wounded” heart, the different forms of social exclusion must also concern us. “Whenever someone is marginalized, the entire social body suffers,” he added, emphasizing that “the culture of rejection attracts a city where there is no place for the poor, the unborn, the weak, the sick, children, women, young people and “Power becomes self-referential, unable to listen to and serve the people.

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In memory of Aldo Moro, the Christian Democracy leader who was assassinated in 1978, Francis insisted that “democracy does not simply correspond to the vote of the people, but requires the creation of conditions so that everyone can express themselves and participate.” Participation “is not improvised: it is learned in childhood, as a young person, and must be ‘trained,’ even in the critical sense of participation.” Ideological and populist temptationsHence the necessity of recognizing the contribution of Christianity to democratic societies, based on the principles of solidarity and dependence.

Democracy always requires moving from partisanship to participation.Bergoglio added, from “Hospitality for Dialogue”, stressing that “as long as our social and economic system continues to produce a victim and there is a neglected victim, it will not be possible to celebrate the Day of Universal Fraternity. A humane and fraternal society is capable of working so as to accompany everyone, in an effective and stable way, in their life journey, not only to cover their basic needs, but so that they can give their best, even if it is possible. Their performance is not the best, even if they go little by little, even if their effectiveness is not great.”

Pope Francis and Cardinal Zuppi during the event “At the Heart of Democracy”. I @Vatican Media

Everyone should feel part of a community project; no one should feel useless.“Indifference is a cancer for democracy,” Francis cried out, denouncing some forms of aid.

The Pope’s second reflection was on the healed heart, claiming that it “exercises creativity”. “If we look around us, we see many signs of the Holy Spirit’s action in the lives of families and communities. “Even in the areas of economy, technology, politics and society,” he stressed, recalling examples of solidarity between employers and workers. “We think of those who have settled Company for people with disabilities; In workers who have waived one of their rights to avoid dismissing others; in renewable energy communities that promote the integrated environment, as well as care for families suffering from energy poverty; in administrators who promote childbirth, employment, school and educational services, affordable housing, mobility for all and the integration of immigrants.

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“And that’s the case,” Bergoglio added.Brotherhood makes social relationships flourish. On the other hand, caring for others requires the courage to consider oneself a people. “Unfortunately, this category – ‘the people’ – is often misinterpreted and can lead to the very word ‘democracy’ (‘government of the people’) being erased,” he warned. “But the term ‘city’ is essential.” “A healthy democracy continues to nurture dreams of the future, stakes on the people, and requires personal and community engagement.” Dream of the future. “Don’t be afraid of it.”

Let’s not be fooled by easy solutions.. Let us instead commit ourselves to the common good. We do not manipulate the word democracy or distort it with empty titles capable of justifying any action. “Democracy is not an empty box, but is linked to the values ​​of the person, brotherhood and an integral environment,” Francesc stressed.

Pope Francis during his speech “At the Heart of Democracy”, Trieste 2024 I @Vatican Media

“As Catholics,” he concluded.We cannot accept a marginal or private faith.“This means not demanding to be heard, but more importantly, having the courage to put forward proposals for justice and peace in the public debate. We have something to say, but not to defend privilege. We must be a voice that condemns and proposes in a society that often has no voice and in which many people do not have a voice,” he stressed.

A form of charity, “allows politics to live up to its responsibilities and move away from polarizations that lead to poverty and do not help to understand and address challenges.” Like him, “The entire Christian community is called to this political love.in discerning ministries and talents. Let us practice this love, to spread it in a world that lacks civic sentiment. Let us learn more and better to walk together as the people of God, to be separate from sharing in the midst of the people of which we are a part.” This is how a politician should be, who “must have the sense of the people. If a politician does not have the sense of the people, he lacks the main thing,” he improvised, to the applause of the participants.

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“Why not relaunch, support and redouble efforts for social and political formation that begins with the young?” the Pope asked, calling on Giorgio La Pira, who created a system of bridges for political dialogue. “Why not share the richness of the Church’s social doctrine?” And he asked to make it possible:We can provide spaces for discussion, dialogue and foster synergy for the common good.If the Synodal journey has formed us in collective discernment, may the horizon of the Jubilee see us active, pilgrims of hope, for the Italy of tomorrow. As disciples of the Risen One, let us never cease to nourish the trust, the certainty that time is greater than space. It is wiser to start than to occupy spaces. This is the role of the Church: to engage in hope, without which the present is managed, but the future is not built.

Article by Jesus Bastante published in collaboration with Digital debt.

Public attendance “at the heart of democracy”, Trieste 2024 I @Vatican Media

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