Data science: the transversal demand that comes from the world of work

Data science: the transversal demand that comes from the world of work

Analyze and reprocess data and draw interpretations and predictions. Data science is now permeating various sectors and professions, which leads to a huge rise in the demand for these figures and skills in the labor market.

In this context, “Hack the Gene”, the hackathon held within the Treviso Festival of Statistics and Demography, organized by Istat and Sis (Italian Statistical Society), in which more than 70 research students from all over Italy challenged each other to tackle a data analysis problem in the field of genomics.

“Our group pays special attention to young people, because they represent the workforce of the present and future, and because Italy has a higher proportion of NEETs than the European average and countries such as France, Spain and Germany.” explains Veronica Campogianni, Talent Attraction and Director of Academic Partnership for the Adecco Group, which co-createdHackathon. An initiative like Hack the Gene definitely represents a tangible opportunity to develop the talents of boys and girls. In this context, we have been able to present our view of the current demand for skills in this field Data science In the labor market, through the intervention of my colleague Alexandre Fennel, data scientist, who also participated as a member of the jury. We selected the two winning teams for the best project and best interpretation of the data.

Adecco also sponsored the final prize for the competition. But participation in this initiative is only one of the many collaborative activities of the group, which includes nearly 40 Italian universities and hundreds of secondary schools. «Our aim is to act as a bridge between the world of education, schools and universities and the world of work, to encourage the integration of boys and girls in a context in which the problem of self-employment continues to grow more and more.Kill mismatchThat is, the mismatch between the skills of candidates / employees and those that companies actually require, ”explains Campogiani,” with an approach to the world education Which is based on three basic pillars that can be summed up in three key words: “guide”, “inspire” and “imagine” ». So cooperation takes place on different levels. He continues, “The first goal is precisely to provide guidance, through workshops and seminars, to open a window on labor market trends.” Then there is the part of the experiences, where the students begin to touch the world of work directly. At this stage we organize activities such as, for example, Check curriculum or mock interviews. Finally, there are specific projects, such as Hackathonwhere young people are invited to imagine possible developments in the world of work. For example, we recently organized a hackathon with five Italian universities and several companies with which we cooperate, where students developed projects related to how they imagine the future of work in the metaverse ».

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But “being present with our branches throughout the territory, we also facilitate contacts between universities and companies to train specific skills required by the market and the region,” Campogiani continues. In particular, «we are also present on some steering committees for some courses to support universities in creating profiles increasingly aligned with the needs of companies, as well as in the context of the training offer related to the world of Data science, which on a theoretical level the preparation offered in the academic field is appropriate and in line with the evolution of the discipline, while, on a practical level, we still discover some gaps, which, together with my colleague Gabriele Magini, Head of Data Science and Research at the Adecco Group, we offer Specific and constantly updated ideas ». In fact, among the most sought after and hardest to find numbers out there data scientistdisputed by companies in different sectors, with salary levels above average, precisely because the university / training context does not provide a sufficient number of profiles.

“Data analysis is now the cornerstone of corporate strategies across all sectors,” Campogianni concludes. “Initiatives such as Hack the Gene are valuable because they allow young statesmen and data scientists from all over Italy to meet and exchange ideas, but also allow us to emphasize the increasingly central role of data science for our companies and therefore for the competitiveness of our country.”

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