June 8, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Daniel Lumera was born “The Encounter” between art, science and meditation

my hill. A place to rediscover yourself through a journey of wellbeing and awareness of connection with nature. Center Meeting to Daniel Lomera He was born in the green countryside of Tilti and has thirty-six hectares of land overlooking the Tavolara Marine Park.

It is an international cultural research laboratory that will be officially opened to the public in July and aims to spark a dialogue with those who Daniel Lumeira, a natural biologist, and author of books and scientific publications with a focus on spirituality and well-being, identifies The Three Great Universal Languages: Science, Art, and Meditation.

“It is a center that acts as a bridge between these three aspects that are inclusive, transcendental, and able to transcend differences in commonalities,” Lumeira explains. “A place to encounter oneself first and foremost with one’s most authentic and deepest needs. Our talents and callings are pursued and fulfilled.

It will also be a place for meeting and distinguishing others. Biodiversity, in fact, is an indicator of the health of the ecosystem – emphasizes the founder of the center – and diversity among humans is a source of incredible wealth.

About forty people gravitated around this project, among the members of the agricultural community Meeting Organizing volunteers Design My Life ODVand who will continue activities related to the art of decent living.

From healthy eating, which Lumira defines as “true medicine for the quality of life”, through local crops that respect the cycles of nature, to cultural and educational encounters for children in summer camps, but also intended for students and adults. Festivals of the arts, sciences, meditation and spiritual retreats will also be organized.

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“We follow the pillars of well-being indicated by the World Health Organization and focus on body movement and prevention – says Lumeira -, always starting from nature and trying to get people back into those cycles that we have lost over time.” The idea is to expand the project, by converting a part of hectares of land into an agrotourism area and creating a hospice to accompany children and adults at the end of their lives.

“We chose a place” out of this world “because of its tranquility and the two rivers surrounding it, but at the same time, a place in the world, a few minutes from Olbia airport and the first beach of the city – confirms Daniel Leomera -. It will be open to anyone: people of all nationalities and backgrounds social, religious, and political affiliations.”

The first activities will begin this summer. “We are working with the Municipality of Tilti and, if you want, also the Municipality of Olbia, on the first L’Incontro Festival. We will invite Immaculate DeVivoa Harvard geneticist, along with international scientists, artists, musicians, singers and personalities who have been able to apply meditation in every area of ​​their lives.

We have a seven day spiritual retreat and summer camp for kids planned for July and August. The meeting will be a place of renewal in which health and well-being are nurtured, and a path of awareness and alignment, each at their own pace.”