cosplay Caitlyn in vic_torie swimsuit is summer –

cosplay Caitlyn in vic_torie swimsuit is summer –

One of the strengths of league of legends She is undoubtedly her charming and diverse cast of playable characters, some of which we got to know thanks to the Netflix series Arkane. Today we present to you cosplay caitlyn very summer made vic_torie.

Caitlyn Kiramman is a descendant of the noble house of Piltover. She has a strong sense of justice and incredibly shooting the gun. In League of Legends, he’s known as “Sheriff Beltoffer,” but in the Netflix series, the character’s origins go deeper and we discover more details about his character and his relationship with Vi.

The vick_torie cosplay offers us a very summery alternative version of Caitlyn, who is relaxing in the pool. The outfit is inspired by League of Legends “Pool Party” leather, which features a flashy sun hat, purple two-piece swimsuit, and a water pistol instead of the classic gun.

Still a cosplay theme taken from video games, check out the Quiet theme by Metal Gear Solid by Byoru and the Kuki Shinobu theme by Genshin Impact by peachmilky_. Genre change We also suggest Mt. Lady from My Hero Academia made by Kaezuko and Aphrodite from Record of Ragnarock proposed by tenshimeirou.

What do you think of this summer-flavored League of Legends Caitlyn cosplay game? Let us know in the comments.

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