Consumption, 60% is spent on food and petrol bills

Consumption, Cgia: 60% of household spending goes on food, gasoline and bills

Because of inflation, we spend more, bring home less goods and most of the spending – on food, fuel and bills – we do to “live” and get to and from work. In fact, between 2021 and 2022, the expenditures for mandatory expenses of the average Italian family increased by 171 euros (+16.6 percent). Otherwise, supplement elements (or marketable consumption) are diluted.

Although the average increase in inflation in 2022 was about 8%, the increase in this type of spending is estimated in absolute terms to be nothing. In other words, it is assumed that in the past two years, the average Italian family spent €815 per month on alcohol, clothing/shoes, furniture, leisure, restaurants, hospitality, education, healthcare, and personal care.

But if large-scale organized distribution and online sales have registered positive results, small-scale commercial and craft activities in the sectors just mentioned have instead worsened their economic situation.

Household spending area by region

On the other hand, the data consolidated by geographical division referring to the year 2021, shows us that the rate of compulsory spending on the aggregate is higher in the south and the islands than in other regions of the country. It is clear that the low spending power of families in the south contributes greatly to this result. It should also be noted that as of 2017, the compulsory spending rate over the total tends to grow until it reaches an estimated 2022 peak of 59.6%.

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According to the latest available data up to 2021, the highest average expenditure at the national level is for households residing in the Autonomous Province of By weight (3116 euros). track existing ones in Lombardy (2904 euros), in the province Trent (2791 euros) in Valle d’Aosta (2,721 euros) and in Lazio (2712 euros). Sicily (€1,992), Calabria (€1,915) and Puglia (€1,808) round out the ranking.

From detailing the three items that make up compulsory expenses (housing, food, transportation), it is clear that the total consumption of bills (electricity, water, gas, waste), basic foodstuffs (bread, milk, meat) and fuel (diesel, petrol and fees) amounts to more than 52% of the average annual compulsory spending of the Italian family (equivalent to 1,202 euros).

InvoicesFor example, approximately 54% of the total cost of the component housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels. Shop for Bread, milk and meatOn the other hand, it equals 50% of the total expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages. Finally, fuel and tolls are 53% of the total transportation item expenses.

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