CN Terrassa will not present itself in the Palmeres tender

CN Terrassa will not present itself in the Palmeres tender

The partners have turned their backs on the company’s board of directors Terrassa Swimming Club. As happened with the Bonaire project, the council he chairs Joan Herrera He lost the vote again. CN Terrassa will not submit its nomination for the tender for the management and operation of the Terrassasports Sports Facility, known as Palm.

After an hour and a half of intense but respectful and constructive debate, the result of the vote was very clear: 2 votes for to introduce yourself, 42 vs 17 abstained from voting. Presenting the project details did not convince the settlement partners at all. The two people who clearly expressed their opposition to the project are former presidents Jordi Martin and Jesús Cortes.

Sixty partners / Alberto Talon attended the meeting

Today, Monday, club representatives attended a visit to the club’s sports complex TerraSportsWhich was opened exactly 21 years ago, on June 10, 2003.

The deadline ends on Friday To submit nominations for the selection of the Palmares complex. With CN Terrassa ruled out, the bids of Terrassa FC, the Catalan Hockey Federation (with a joint venture with Línia 22 and UFCEC) and the administrators of Terrassasports themselves, which will go hand in hand with a group of gyms, still stand. This won’t be the only “fitness” series that will choose to compete. As many as five groups visited the complex on Monday.

The association is in danger

Monday’s meeting was about to not take place. For violating Article 31 of the club’s bylaws, which obligates the Board of Directors to exercise the duties of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Two weeks ago, the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Andrew Aparicio, tendered his resignation, due to recent and controversial decisions made in the organization’s water polo structure. As an emergency solution, a new treasurer and secretary were appointed.

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He surprised the council by announcing that he would not participate in the vote. Many partners have asked him for a greater level of exposure and preparation. This ended up seeming, in a way, kind of “wrong.”

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