Classic foods from Spanish cuisine harm the pancreas: a study says so

Classic foods from Spanish cuisine harm the pancreas: a study says so

Progress in the sector world Technology allows some confirmation Beliefs Popular and desmentir-ne Many others have a specific review mites It also affects kitchenAs mentioned in some reports food Which they were famous for until now correct They leave this idea in evidence.

This is exactly what happened with White ricea product rich in nutrients and is a classic product of the kitchen in Spain but has consequences for Pancreasincluding an increased risk of suffering Type 2 diabetesIt came to light thanks to a study published by the magazine British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Glycemic index

The way that ovary These pills depend on He treats to the ricewhich branIt is one of the three parts that make up this food. However, this modification Aesthetics He is also one Long weaponhaha ​​ho bran It works to organize Glycemic indexwhich is released once it is processed.

Therefore, eating rice causes a noticeable effect more In the taxi Glucose Song in youInsulinwhich is the increase that mainly affects the device Responsible for secreting this hormone: PancreasWhich gradually loses the ability to produce quantities Adequate Of this substance, it is necessary to avoid Increase diabetes level in the blood And other deformities that cause the emergence of diseases such as Diabetes.

but Whole rice It reduces these risks, which is why it is recommended to eat it more often.

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