City of Science and Knowledge

City of Science and Knowledge

Rome was chosen to host the meeting of the International Astronomical Union in 2027, which is expected to be attended by thousands of scientists. It reached the capital before Montreal and Tel Aviv.

Rome, the world capital of astronomy in 2027. This is the declaration made in the 31st edition of the meetingInternational Astronomical Union (Iau) held in Busan, South Korea, Rome beat the “rivals” Montreal and Tel AvivWinning as the first project. Iau will meet in the capital in five years: by that date, 3 thousand researchers are expected to come from all over the world.

Rome will be the capital of the world for astronomy in 2027 – tweeted on the site Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri It will host the World Congress of the International Astronomical Union, as just announced on #iauga2022. Happy with this immeasurable appreciation for Romeincreasingly the capital of science and knowledge.” The capital hosted the conference for the first time in 1922, and the second in 1952.

There are eighty-four countries in all that is part ofInternational Astronomical Union. During the conference, thousands of scientists from around the world gathered to discuss astronomy and astrophysics. The event, which lasts about two weeks, also includes public initiatives.

“Italy is one of the founding countries of Iau and boasts a broad national astronomical community, which is very active and strongly integrated within the international community through many collaborations and cutting-edge projects,” he declared. INAF President Marco Taffani. “We are pleased to be able to host the General Assembly of Iau 2027 in the capital, an option that testifies to the value of Italian astrophysics and which will allow the global astronomical community to better know research activities and initiatives in our country.” A unique opportunity to demonstrate the proximity of frontier science to the limits of the universe, like physics astronomical, the lives of citizens and our society”.

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