Chaos over approach to landmark kills 121 in India stampede

Chaos over approach to landmark kills 121 in India stampede

A stampede killed at least 121 people at a religious event in northern India when some of the 250,000 attendees tried to get too close to the local guru. Baba’s horrorThis led to many of them falling on a slippery slope and being run over, according to official sources on Wednesday.

“I have spoken to several witnesses and they have told me that the incident is ongoing. To spend At the end of the event, the Northern State Premier said in a press conference on Wednesday: “When the teacher was coming down from the stage, several women started coming towards him to touch him, but the security stopped them and the incident happened.”Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath.

The death toll rose to 121 on Wednesday, while 31 injured people are still receiving treatment in various hospitals, although they are “out of danger,” according to Sky News. Adityanath.

Sub-division judge Sikandra Rao (S.D.M.), Ravindra KumarHe claimed in a report that worshippers who tried to approach the landmark were pushed back by the event’s private security, leading to further stampeding by other attendees who wanted to move on and the chaos began.

Kumar He confirmed that he was one of the assistants and kept his report which was collected by the newspaper. Indian ExpressMany worshippers began to flee in despair to the sides of the square where the religious ceremony was held yesterday in the area. Hathras.

He added that at that moment, some of the escapees fell into a slippery slope connecting the open square to the road, and were unable to get up as they were trampled by other believers who were walking on the same road.

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Head of GovernmentUttar Pradesh She said that an investigation is underway to determine the causes and accused the organizers of covering up the incident by “trying to hide various details.”

In addition, he confirmed that the event’s private security did not allow access to regional authorities.

Nearly 250,000 people go Come And at the party, according to the complaint filed against the organization, a number that triples number Attendance is expected at the event, which has been granted permission to accommodate around 80,000 people.

However, this was not mentioned in the complaint. Baba’s horrorAccording to Indian media.

Avalanches and stampedes are frequent occurrences at Indian religious festivals, largely due to shortcomings in the management of mass gatherings or unstable infrastructure surrounding places of worship.

However, to find a stampede deadlier than Tuesday’s, you have to go back to September 2008, when at least 150 people died and another 150 were injured in an avalanche at the entrance to a temple in the city of Jodhpurin the state of Rakhstan in western India.

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