“Change of Strategy”, What Happens – Il Tempo

“Change of Strategy”, What Happens – Il Tempo

While there are questions about the aftermath of the death of Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who crashed with his deputy and 8 other people in Russia during an airlift, fighting continues in Ukraine. British intelligence services believe there is a “realistic possibility” that Russian forces will intensify their offensive in northeastern Ukraine over the next two months, after losing more ground to the south. According to British experts, Russian attacks are likely in the axis between the Kobyansk locality, in the Kharkiv region, and the town of Liman, in Donetsk, possibly with the aim of advancing in the direction of the Oskil River and protecting the already occupied territories. .

Wagner's nightmare for Lukashenko.  Gavrilov's prophecy after Prigozhin's death

According to military analysts, there have already been “small-scale attacks in the northeast, in the Kobyansk-Lyman sector” in which Russian forces have made “limited progress,” according to the assessment released this morning by the British Ministry of Defense. And all at a time when the counterattack of Ukrainian forces “pressed the Russian forces in Bakhmut and southern Ukraine.” And in this region of the country, “Ukraine continues to make incremental gains.”

What does the United States want to do?  Ukraine, Fabry wallpaper

In short, we are moving in two directions as Kiev claims: the Ukrainian counteroffensive “is proceeding according to plans previously discussed with partners,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said in an interview with German newspapers reported by TASS. And described the news of US criticism of the progress of the Ukrainian Armed Forces operation as false. According to The Guardian, eleven days ago a NATO delegation met with some Ukrainian military leaders at a secret location on the border with Poland to discuss crucial issues specifically related to the Ukrainian offensive. The British newspaper reports on a five-hour meeting between NATO advocates – US General Christopher Cavoli, supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe, and British Admiral Tony Radakin, chief of staff of the UK Army – and the chief of NATO forces. Ukrainian Army, General Valery Zaluzhny, with the entire command team, to “reset” the military strategy.

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