Central Catalonia ‘differs’ with the most given names to babies

Central Catalonia ‘differs’ with the most given names to babies

the Central Catalonia It does not even remotely meet the naming criteria for the country as a whole, according to statistics for babies born in 2023. The absolute winners of Catalonia for boy and girl, Jan and Martina, are not in our home province.Despite appearing in the top five. At the same time in this Top 5 There are big differences, especially in girls.

In Central Catalonia, Jan is not the first, but the second, and the one who tops the ranking is Marti.the sixth in Catalonia. Biel In third place, Neil in fifth (fourth in the country as a whole) and among our top five we have a change. In Catalonia, Leo still wins (fifth), whileAnd in our house We replace To Pau (fourth here, twelfth in the whole of Catalonia).

in girlsAs we said, there are more significant differences compared to the situation in the country as a whole. The leader in Catalonia MartinaIn the central region Cow In fourth place, and at the top was placed thenwhich is the sixth overall. As for the top five Catalan ladies, here we repeat them. Julia. But apart from Ona, we also offer it on top. Bruna and Jana (In Catalonia, the fifth place was completed with Mia, Emma and Lucia.)

As for the provinces, only Bages and Anoia have a full rating of five (meaning they are names with 4 or more repetitions). In the case of Bages, he imitates the Catalan leaders (Jan and Martina). But in children they enter into this Top 5 Amir and Alex; and the remaining four girls: Gala, April, Bruna and one of the classics: Maria.

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Baby Name Categories

In Berguida, the three most popular names for children in 2023 are one-syllable: Paul, Neil, and Pau. In girls, with a greater frequency than four, there are Maria and April.

In Catalonia as a whole, 393 children were placed in foster care last year. January 372, Leo. Biel (387) pee (376) I nothing (374) are other common names in the male gender.

As for girls, Martina (405 children) regain first place It has achieved this title five times in the past decade, most recently in 2016. However, 2023 is the first year in which it has taken the absolute lead. Julia (390) Mia (339) I whatever (327) are other popular names for girls.

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