Celebrities oppose Texas abortion restrictions

“Unity”, “There is no barrier to our body”: Many stars of music or Hollywood listened to their voices on social media to condemn the most stringent restrictions on abortion in practice in the state from Texas.

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Singer Cindy Lapper said on her Instagram account, “We can all make our own decisions about our health and our future.

“With the extreme abortion ban in Texas and the abortion restrictions recorded this year, we must fight for everyone’s reproductive freedom,” the translator continued. Women want to have fun “, a message from the family control of P! NK or actresses Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria, just like her boyfriend.

New Texas law prohibits termination of pregnancy as soon as the fetal heartbeat is detected – about six weeks when most women do not know they are pregnant. There is only one exception: in the event of a medical emergency, but not in the event of sexual intercourse or rape.

Actress and producer Reese Witherspoon responded to express her resemblance to women like comedian Amy Schumer, singer Dua Lipa and supermodel Bella Hadid in Texas.

Singer Liso made a short video where he incited religion to infiltrate the law, demanding respect for “separating church and state”. “People who make laws should not screw their noses about other people’s bodies,” he said, adding that the artist had lost his temper and, in the grip of great emotion, hoped that the leaders would focus better on the answers to bring to Govt. 19 Infection.

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Tennis champion Martina Navratilova (18 Grand Slam winners) was a vocal critic of Texas law, taking photos on Twitter in support of those who voted: “All white people of all ages. Who tells young women of all colors what can and cannot be done on their body. White men have Sharia “

Prior to Texas, twelve states had so-called “heartbeat” laws, but they were all suspended in court because they violated Supreme Court law guaranteeing the right to abortion until they were in the womb. .

The Southern State has developed its law differently: the enforcement of this measure is not up to the authorities, but “exclusively” to citizens, women or companies that are encouraged to perform abortions.

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