Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Lamborghini, racing is now within everyone’s reach

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Lamborghini, racing is now within everyone’s reach

Finally here we are, the most famous Italian house of all, about to celebrate an anniversary that few brands would be proud of by arriving in such good condition. Idea “Lambo” for a beautiful birthday celebration.

This year, several car and motorcycle brands will be celebrating a very special birthday: If Harley-Davidson turns 120, our Lambo is exactly halfway there. May 7th It will officially be the 60th birthday of the brand of Sant’Agata dazzlingly presenting itself in a truly important celebration.

Lamborghini celebrates 60 years (MondoFuoristrada)

It was May 7, 1963 – as the legend goes and as the stories of those who have been there seem to confirm – there was a very serious disagreement between Enzo Ferrari who commanded Ferruccio Lamborghini To “get back into building tractors” After complaining about his Red car breaking down, the entrepreneur in the agricultural sector decided to venture into the automotive world.

decision in the end It has proven to be very profitable Looking sixty years after that day, the brand remains one of the most sought after brands in the world and With the new Urus It also broke the sales record by bringing the bull brand to many more customers than before. But how does the House intend to celebrate this anniversary? With a new supercar? None of this.

wings on the feet

Perhaps it would be a nice new pair of shoes to celebrate the birthday of Lamborghini which has recently started expanding its business in the fashion sector, something other Italian fashion houses have done – for example Maserati has a range of watches and Ferrari sportswear – and that the Taurus could not suggest. The fact is that this celebration It’s not an original idea Of the brand and that there is nothing official.

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Lamborghini sneakers
Lamborghini sneakers featured on Reddit (Yanko Design) – Mondofuoristrada.it

The Lamborghini sneaker project was born on Reddit popular social network For the strange ideas of the fans who inhabit it, which is why it has not yet been seen on the official website of the house while there are products already dedicated to the anniversary such as miniature models, water bottles and T-shirts. The shoes have a very special design.

With a twisted toe and brightly colored sole, the sneaker They were imagined Two-tone with loud names like Red Ghost and Incandescent Glacier and we’re sure many Lambo fans will be thrilled after seeing these photos. Unfortunately, even if it isn’t fake news in every way, there are currently no projects underway to actually produce it. But who knows, maybe Lambo will have other ideas now…

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