Can PS5 Pro Unleash the Power of Unreal Engine 5? New Tech Demo Highlights the Engine’s Current Limitations

Can PS5 Pro Unleash the Power of Unreal Engine 5? New Tech Demo Highlights the Engine’s Current Limitations

According to Digital Foundry experts, Unreal Engine 5 could benefit from the hardware improvements of the PS5 Pro and in general from any “mid-gen” consoles.

Potential Unreal Engine 5The Epic Engine, which has been dreaming of since the first demonstration, has yet to be fully expressed. Although the Epic Engine has already proven its capabilities, there is still a long way to go in terms of performance and improvements.
In fact, many of UE5’s advanced features require hardware capable of supporting large workloads that current gaming hardware simply cannot support, especially on the console side.
According to Digital Foundry, the arrival of “mid-generation” consoles like PS5 Pro They can give the engine momentum, allowing it to achieve that leap in quality promised at the beginning of the generation.

PS5 Pro and Unreal Engine 5

In response to fans during the podcast, the Digital Foundry team emphasized how the arrival of more powerful consoles, like Sony’s much-talked-about PS5 Pro, could push developers to… Use the full set of Unreal Engine 5 featuresamong which Nanite and Lumen stand out, providing superior visual quality and more stable performance.

According to British experts, even games that have already been released could benefit from a potential console upgrade: Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga, for example, is one of the most impressive displays of the Epic Engine’s capabilities. However, the Ninja Theory title only uses some of Lumen’s features.

new PlayStation 5 Pro with improved specifications It will be able to support all the features of the graphics engine, giving console gamers the opportunity to get results similar to what is seen on the best PCs.
Digital Foundry’s interest is fairly obvious, but it highlights the limitations of the current generation of consoles and even more so the limitations of Unreal Engine 5.

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New technology, same problems

In recent months we have seen the publication of several technical demos capable of bringing the quality of Unreal Engine 5 to the maximum, however, to obtain such results it is often necessary to compromise on accuracy and in most cases the engine fails to maintain performance. Continuous 4K resolution, if not through the use of upscaling techniques that seem impossible to ignore.

the new Technological display in feudal Japan Based on Unreal Engine 5.4, it brings with it amazing graphical quality at times, while managing to deliver stable performance at 1080p. Once again, native 4K exposes the engine’s limitations, even on a powerful GPU like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080.
In short, it is clear that more powerful hardware – even on the console front – will be able to guarantee better performance at higher resolutions. But does it still make sense to talk about native 4K? And above all, what can we expect from a potential PS5 Pro?

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