Can it cause infection? Talk about science

Can it cause infection?  Talk about science

Covid vaccines: can they cause infection? The question many have asked finally has an answer: a word to science

COVID Vaccines: Can I Get Infection After Giving the Serum? science answer- Recently, many mistakes have been made about the anti-Covid vaccines. Not only are No Vax theories circulating on the web, but many fake news about the vaccines with which the world is fighting the epidemic is also spreading. One above all is the following: Vaccines can cause the coronavirus.

L ‘IS (Higher Institute of HealthI immediately intervened to clarify: Possible COVID-19 disease after vaccination So it can only be caused by a natural infection of the virus, which is picked up independently of the vaccine.” . . In the first case, the RNA vaccine stimulates immunity by providing exclusively human cells with instructions to produce a part of the virus, the spike protein, which will induce the production of specific antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.”

Finally, theIS He concludes by saying: “No live or attenuated virus is given with these vaccines, and spike protein alone cannot cause infection or disease.” Therefore, the news circulated recently on social media was denied: no viruses were administered with vaccine doses. Now that there’s also an official press release, everything is a lot clearer.

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