CAMERA, LIVE COVERAGE – Meloni: “The space for a ceasefire in Ukraine is limited.” Conte: “Sovereign Italy? Taking over the United States”

CAMERA, LIVE COVERAGE – Meloni: “The space for a ceasefire in Ukraine is limited.”  Conte: “Sovereign Italy? Taking over the United States”

Lita: “It will be my last speech as secretary”

“This will be my last speech as secretary of my party on a discussion like this about Europe. My party is busy in a conference, a secretary will come after me. I would like to thank the parliamentary group here for their important work and for the support I have always felt from them. Being here now to talk about Europe More important than anything else.” Democratic party secretary said Enrico Letta In explanations for the vote, the President of the Council, Giorgia Meloni, communicates to the European Council.

Lita: “It is impossible to cut aid to Ukraine”

For us today It is impossible to imagine that European aid to Ukraine will stop Which has been a source of pride for all of us in recent months. This attitude of support and assistance must continue with the commitment we all put into the discussion to reach a peace conference, to ensure that peace comes and to force Russia into peace.” Enrico LettaAnd in the justifications for voting on the President of the Council’s communications, Georgia MeloniIn view of the European Council. “Go to this European Council with a strong position, hopefully as broad as possible, knowing that you are serving the interests of our country, the European Union and the Ukrainian people, who are now the real weak link in the chain.”

Conte: “Full acceptance of Italy in Washington”

“The M5s immediately expressed their complete proximity to the M5s” of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s “cowardly and unprovoked aggression,” but now we “question the West’s strategy. We demand a discussion of this strategy and Italy’s position, an intense penetration pushing an unactivated European machine.” Never, while the military escalation has reached alarming levels. Italy must become the leader of diplomatic action, and not leave this role to “Erdogan’s Turkey.” The leader of the M5s says that Joseph Conti To the Chamber in explanations for the vote on Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s remarks to the European Council.
Conte spoke of “security” and “Protection of Russian-speaking minoritiesAdding: “It is not with slogans and contests that a serious and exhausting path to peace is built. No one has ever questioned NATO or the Atlantic Alliance, but the issue lies in Italy’s position in these forums – he added -. I have spoken in the past of “a free, strong and self-sufficient Italy”. Sovereignty” and instead there is “full acquiescence in Washington” and the strategy of sending arms is in line with the strategy of the Draghi government.

Meloni in the room: “The European Union has a more decisive role”

Europe must havemore accurate roleIn the Ukrainian crisis. On the energy front, it must reset its response against speculation, which is considered “unsatisfactory and useless.” On the issue of migration, it must “move from the discussion about redistribution to the discussion about joint defense of the external borders of the European Union Giorgia Meloni points out The three main issues to be addressed in Brusselsspeaking in the chamber before the European Council on Thursday and Friday, with a speech focused on his government’s approach, which aims to “have more Europe in Italy, rather than Italy in Europe”.

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A few sparks at the beginning of the communications (which started 20 minutes later compared to the program) When I received complaints from Roberto Giachetti (“we are treated like a waiter”), Meloni justified herself: “It’s because of the traffic. I didn’t say it was Gualtieri’s fault, then everyone will come to their conclusions “. Then at the end of the response, When he defined the theses of those who say that “the solution for peace is to stop” as “mere propaganda.”. “The room for maneuver for a cease-fire seems very limited today, but Italy will in any case support the proposed efforts,” explained the Prime Minister, since there are two ways to reach peace: Ukraine’s surrender, but that would be an invasion. or “stalemate” on the ground, which could prompt Moscow to “offer more lenient advice.” As he did yesterday at the G7 summit, Meloni defended military support for Kyiv and sanctions against Moscow: “We must not allow Putin to use food shortages as a weapon against Europe, as it already does with gas and oil.”

Regarding the energy crisis, “we are ready to do everything we can to stop speculation,” Meloni promised, however convinced he might be.Really effective and decisive interventions must come from the European Union“, which is” late in a historical situation. ” Meloni noted that “states considered non-sovereign” lead the negotiations, “where they” go in random order, believing that those who are economically powerful can save themselves, if necessary at the expense of others, “not only “delusion”. “That would betray the ‘idea of ​​Europe’ that has been so lauded in recent years,” the prime minister stressed, adding that “the majority” of the 27 countries, including Italy, demand “a dynamic cap on gas and energy prices”.

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On the home front, Meloni claimed to have acquired Sicily’s Isab-Lukoil refinery, “one of many hitherto unresolved dossiers”. From Brussels, you expect Rome.”An attempt to defend the purchasing power of households and the competitiveness of businessWhile the effects of the anti-inflationary plan launched by the United States are likely to be “distorting and discriminatory” towards European companies. Italy also aims to include in the conclusions of the European Council a condemnation of the death sentences in Iran: “The use of force against peaceful demonstrators against women is unjustified And above all unacceptable,” said the prime minister, who was applauded by the entire house.

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