Cagliari, the municipality closes the historic district of Viale Ponaria: “You condemn us to hunger”

Cagliari, the municipality closes the historic district of Viale Ponaria: “You condemn us to hunger”

In Cagliari the municipality “closes” the historic Caduzun district of Viale Ponaria. The truck bar, complete with tables and chairs run by Giuseppe and Antonio Meles, in the piazza Madre Teresa de Calcutta, has its days. Last October 4, the Swabi municipality offices were notified of “the commencement of procedures for approving the order to suspend the concession of public lands as a disciplinary penalty for the confirmed violation of the concession and the subsequent confiscation of the administrative authorization.” Motives? According to the newspapers, the Meles family could only occupy 21 square meters, and as of last August 14, they will no longer be able to sell sandwiches and drinks, having already received the stop from the municipal offices. There was also a fine in the middle, and a series of connections. On April 20, 2004, the first approval of twenty-one square meters and the sale of food products, with a ban on the supply of food and beverages. However, there was always activity that took place, including hamburgers, steaks, french fries, beer, and orange sodas, because the restaurateurs made an appeal to Tar and won it. Days before, the alarm arrived, after inspections also conducted by local police: The Caduzone region must stop any kind of activity “for the next 33 days”.

For the owners, it’s a hit: “Here are the jobs of my sons and daughter. Every week we divide the profits and allocate money for the move ordered by the municipality, they want to put a field in it twenty meters away”, said Giuseppe Melles, the owner of the kiosk: “The municipality says we are abusive, I have always paid for everything, and I have all the cards, both for the bar and the outdoor area, as always. The municipality made sewers for me, and I have water and electricity, like a public place nineteen years ago. “I have all the pay slips,” he comments: per square meter, how did they realize that after nineteen years?” And one of the sons and employees, Antonio, adds: “It is not just an unemployment sentence, they are killing us. We can’t stand it, I’m also very worried about my children.” In addition, the future light rail must pass in that area. But that’s another story. Caduzoni’s lawyer, Anna Maria Busia, examines all possible countermoves: “I must check From all papers well to understand how to salvage it. They will have to freeze for 33 days, after which administrative procedures will continue anyway. That’s right, Giuseppe Meles always paid for all the square meters he occupied. My thoughts above all go to the families who work there and who are involved in this situation. We plan to submit our defense notes on Monday to the municipality.”

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