Billing: How Much Alexa Do You Consume?

Billing: How Much Alexa Do You Consume?

The product we find more and more in Italian homes is the Alexa device. Always marketed by Amazon, AI is now almost indispensable. However, Alexa devices and the like must be constantly connected to power: how much do you consume?

in times Exorbitant prices for energy and gas billsAccurate knowledge of the consumption of all appliances in the house is essential. Especially those who have to stay connected to the internet need constant power which will inevitably lead to increased consumption and cost of bills.

But what is actually Expendable products like Alexa How much money do they make us spend each year?

Alexa devices: how much do you use each year?


category Self-talking devices, which is also capable of energizing other electrical appliances, is spreading like wildfire in Italian homes. Home automation, which can be controlled through these devices, is now considered the future: but How much does it cost to have these devices at home at the end of the year?

The downside of these devices is that they need a lot of power to operate, as they have to stay on standby for a long time. Their consumption in this mode is higher than that of TV. In terms of consumption, every year these Without a screen they weigh about 10-15 euros in the billwhile those who have the screen more.

Alexa devices: What are the most used devices?


Now let’s see the differences in consumption with respect to Various Alexa devices. They begin to differentiate between Suspension And it works normally. In the first mode, the depreciations are as follows:

  • First generation echo: 2.95 watts;
  • Echo Plus: 2.95 watts;
  • Eho Spot or Echo Show: Between 1.9 and 2.25 watts, depending on the screen brightness range.
  • second generation echo: 1.95 watts;
  • Echo Dot: 1.75W;
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while regarding normal operation:

  • Echo Plus: 3.65 watts;
  • 1st generation echo: 3.25 watts;
  • Eho Spot or Echo Show: 2.9 Watts, with brightness set to minimum.
  • second generation echo: 2.9 watts;
  • echo dot: 2.25 watts;

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