Balsils: “The new regional model includes…

Balsils: “The new regional model includes…
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Today, the Minister of Health, Manel Balcells i Díaz, chaired the first regional committee following the implementation of the new organisational model of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), which “It allows greater decision-making and represents a clear commitment to equity, proximity and accessibility. We are giving more momentum to primary care: more decision-making, more capacity to decide, to do and to attract talent.Balcells has made it clear that the ICS transformation should serve as the lever for system transformation:This reorganization of health care has the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes. We have a hypothesis that primary care should be the leader of the care process. At the Ministry of Health, we are working to make primary care the central element on which the entire system focuses and a tool that addresses inequalities and contributes to social cohesion.

The main objective of the new organizational model is to create More flexible, integrated care focused on the specific needs of each region, To contribute to excellence in the provision of health services. In addition, it is an opportunity to improve the quality of assistance services provided and better adapt them to the requirements of the population.

In essence, the bet on the new regional model depends on the will of Promote more direct care leadership for professionals and increase self-management of teams. The new model proposes a system transformation, where ICS is an indispensable part, which means modifying the organizational structure in order to:

  1. To be closer to citizens: to provide greater autonomy for primary care in each territory and to evolve towards a simpler organisation.
  2. Opt for greater organizational simplification: providing more flexibility for area management.
  3. Providing more integrated and comprehensive attention to citizens, with greater regional coordination.
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This transformation includes a fundamental redesign of the Centre’s regional organisational structure.

  1. Transforming regional administrations through the creation of hospital administrations and primary and community care administrations.
  2. Disappearance of Directorates of Primary Care (DAP) and Directorates of Primary Care Services (SAP).
  3. Establish a regional assistance continuity figure who coordinates the integration of services between ICS and non-ICS agencies: Regional Assistance Continuity Manager.

The model has been approved by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the ICS Board of Directors.

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